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Envy Block Pixelmon! 1.8.9 - 4.2.5


Pixelmon at its finest! Join in on the most embracing community you will ever find within your time playing Minecraft.

Envy Block is also home to a content developer that makes custom plugins / mods just for this server, such as:

Challenging Gyms - All gyms are player run and feature gym leaders with pokemon at least level 80 or above! A custom Gym mod simplifies the battling process, by automating waiting in line. Considering the many XP boosts, it's actually very possible to train your team quickly to compete among the best, which makes battling gyms possible, enjoyable, and ultimately more rewarding!

Ranked Tournaments - Automatic tournaments, with an intricate rule system(yet simple for new players), temporary level adjustments to allow new players to compete, a ratings system to show who is truely the most Elite of the Elite, as well as automatic prize awarding based on tournament size!

Move Tutor and Move Relearner - Custom made for use on Envy Block in 1.7.10. Teach your Pixelmon new AND old moves using the in-game economy!

Vote / Donor Crates - Receive a crate for voting or donating that will give you random goodies with the simplicity of a right click! Not to mention plenty of other random vote rewards, rarely including shiny legends and rank ups!

Tokens - Instantly apply changes(nature, size, shiny) to your pokemon with in game items obtained via donating, crates or events! As well as DOUBLE and TRIPLE XP tokens, which as you guess it enable XP boosts for Every player! 1 token lasts for 1 hour and they last between restarts.

Unleashed Riding - Use the in game economy to make any visible pokemon fly, cheap, simple and amazingly entertaining. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh it's just two players racing each other on a magikarp and a caterpie.

There's so much more Envy Block has to offer, but the only way you can see that is to drop by and check it out! Hope to see you there!

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