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Pixelmon Harmony

Welcome to Pixelmon Harmony

Welcome to Pixelmon Harmony

Join today!
Massive Shops

Massive Shops

Buy & Sell nearly everything in the game with our massive shops
Huge, yet close community

Huge, yet close community

Tight-knit community, despite being a large server. We're all friends on this family friendly server


Held twice every Sunday for shop coupons and crate keys
Developed for the community

Developed for the community

Have a suggestion? We listen

Pixelmon Harmony
Running Minecraft 1.12.2
Always on the LATEST Pixelmon Generations

We're on Pixelmon Generations! Please use this Modpack to enjoy 100% PokeDex:
Alt text

Custom Towny Plugin- Grow a large town with new friends, or shack up and run your town alone
Unlimted /Homes- Set homes anywhere as much as you want! Find a cool biome you want to visit later? Set a home!
Tournaments every Sunday- win shop credit and more!
Auction House- Buy and sell all items and Pokemon with other players
Friendly Community- PG-13 rules and lots of staff to keep everyone safe
Wednesday Giveaways- Free PokeBuilder Tokens, Orbs, Battle Points, and more!
18 Players Gyms- for every type!
100+ NPC Gyms- featuring realistic teams from all previous games!
PokeHunts- Complete daily challenges for awesome rewards such as keys
Battle Tower- Defeat powerful trainers to obtain Battle Points for top tier value items
PokeRaids- Ever want to battle a level 150, 200, or 250 Pokemon? Join a PokeRaid with others
Shiny Starters- Start off with a super rare Starter Pokemon
Poke Master Challenges- Complete insane challenges for epic rewards
Vote Shop- A feature rich Vote Shop to get rewarded in loot for FREE
WonderTrade- Swap out your Pokemon for a random one!
Shulker Box Style Chests- Break a chest with items in it and it'll become a portable backpack like chest! Simply place it back down to gain access to all of the contents once again
Safari Zone- Built into our massively fun and interactive spawn! Gather over 20 daily Pokeloot scattered around spawn
PokeBingo- Capture Pokemon to complete your weekly Bingo card for rewards!
PokeQuests: Complete a series of quests for rewards

Join us and many others!
Always on the latest Pixelmon Generations version!
Download now:

Server IP:

i like the server but there is a one problem but i cant log to the server it says' time out' when joinning
Posted 17th Aug 2021
I love this server. The staff are very nice and so is the community. Unlike everywhere else I have seen the server has minimal lag and has many things to do.

Yeah there are sometimes bugs where you lose Pokémon but I see that in all servers so there really isn't anything negative to say about it.

I truly would recommend this to others as it stands from all the rest.
Posted 29th Nov 2020
I am LGBT+, got excited that I had a reason rp/consider my pikachu being LGBT as well. Mentioned it in chat and got told off for bringing it up because it's a "sensitive topic" and could offend people. Felt unwelcome from that because it really seemed like they wanted to censor something that had to do with my own identity. This server is NOT LGBT safe.

With that being said, I could tolerate the bugginess and the somewhat broken economy, but those are something of a problem too. Staff were also not very helpful when I sent a ticket about an issue I thought was a bug (Which honestly in reality was just me being dumb and not realising I had to click on something. People I was playing with were the ones who informed me). I asked about said issue in chat, and they told me to send a ticket on the website. The response to the ticket just told me to ask staff about the issue when I would log back on.

I'm also not a fan of the claim system in place. Instead of the usual claim shovels, you have to found or join a town. The system feels more complex when it doesn't need to be.

So anyways, yeah. Not LGBT friendly...
Posted 1st Nov 2020
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
Posted 23rd Apr 2020
this site is usefull because I don't have a rank and this is the best way to get free rewards
Posted 1st Sep 2019
I just started and I already liked the server
Posted 27th Jan 2019
Great server, very nice and helpful community. Recently had a fresh start which has only added to how great the server is, updating the economy and having a fresh world. Overall there aren't many servers like it, and out of all the pixelmon servers I've been to this is my favourite by far. :)
Posted 28th Jul 2018
want to play on a better pixelmon server? play worldcraft
Posted 22nd Jul 2018
This server owner has stolen source code of the original pixelmon mod and claimed it to be a part of his stolen mod version. Also this server owner decides which servers are allowed to be in their discord or website.

If you have anything to do with Pixelmon Reforged you will be banned. This server owner is a pest to the pixelmon community.
The server replied:
Hi there Lemonita,
You were banned from our server for causing drama and attempting to crash the server with your silly calculator commands (which didn't work)
Posted 20th Apr 2018
I first chose to use Harmony because there was no golden shovel claiming system. It uses a customized town plug-in where you can claim as much land as you want with no taxes or fees, just a fee to claim a chunk. You also get infinite homes and set town warps, so no need to limit your legend or training areas and you can share them with your friends easily!
Posted 18th Apr 2018
An absolutely marvellous community surrounded by a family friendly atmosphere. As well as some very generous events. Overall, one of the funnest if not the funnest and longest time I have spent constantly playing on a single server. I have had an amazing time so far.
Posted 17th Apr 2018
Great server, very nice and helpful community. Recently had a fresh start which has only added to how great the server is, updating the economy and having a fresh world. Overall there aren't many servers like it, and out of all the pixelmon servers I've been to this is my favourite by far. :)
Posted 16th Apr 2018
Great community and many of the problems I've seen mentioned in the other reviews have been fixed. The town system is pretty good as it's really easy to get the money you need to claim anything you want.

Week giveaways, weekly tournaments with different rules and fast responding staff is what keeps me going on this amazing server.
Posted 16th Apr 2018
A fun server with friendly staff and people! lots of giveaways, drop parties and tourneys hosted weekly.
Posted 16th Apr 2018
I only still play Minecraft because of this server! Overall amazing community and staff as well as tonnes of activities to choose between. I honestly can't say anything bad about this server! :D
Posted 16th Apr 2018
>Unhelpful community
>Pay to get Good Pokemon
>Don't like being Criticized
>Will ban over memes
>Broke their own economy
>Blames its players
>Apparently Homophobic according to a few comments.
Posted 5th Apr 2018
I really Enjoy this server its my main server i always play using technic using Pixelmon Generations,
Once you arrive on the server you get your starter kit and money , It has very specific commands that you should learn beforehand , Everyone Seems Friendly enough on the server just dont mention de wae meme,Admins Always helpful,
Usefull Commands /T deposit To deposit money in your treasury,as you own towns on pixelmon harmony you have to use /towns or /t for towns stuff create your town and start work. your claim can be as big as you like , There are some Abandoned towns to dont fret about that , You can claim em if you like em wqith /t claim as long as you have money in your treasury.
Posted 1st Mar 2018
how do I use the vote shop
The server replied:
Hi there,
Please don't leave 1 star reviews to just ask a question..
All of our vote shop details can be found on our vote shop page:
If you have any further questions you can ask on our forums
Posted 31st Oct 2017
i like everything and i wnat to be moderator :P
Posted 23rd Aug 2017
AWESOME SERVER add New mega evolutions
Posted 21st Aug 2017
i love this server because all the staff are so nice and also everyone is house.
Posted 3rd Jul 2017
Love the server! Community is great and its very easy to train up your Pokémon! Its not to hard to find essential resources and there is a lot of Pokémon available using /ah and its super easy to get started once you join the server. However there are a few things that I don't really like about the server.

The main issue for me would be the frequent restarts, its a little annoying having a restart every few hours however it becomes tolerable if you pass the restart time attempting parkour.

Another issue would be the difficulty claiming land, Creating a town is currently the only way to claim land and even then you still need to pay 50 in game coins to claim only a small amount of land. It would just be easier if they had the block claim system with the golden shovels like most servers.

This problem isn't that big and I have seen a few others struggling with it but I can tolerate it with ease, the issue is while riding a Pokémon sometimes your Pokémon will suddenly disappear and you fall to the ground, thankfully you cant take fall damage on the server and your Pokémon will stop disappearing after a few attempts.

Other than that I really enjoy going on the server and everyone is super friendly haven't had any issues with other people and I always look forward to jumping back on the server. :D
Posted 30th Jun 2017
There is a big community on this server and as such, there are lots of abandoned houses everywhere which leaves no real place to build. Also, claiming your land is pretty hard to do. The plugin they chose is pretty lame.

I've asked a few times where certain biomes were for my catching pleasure, but no one ever answered. There aren't any pre-set warps to get where I wanted either.

People can just buy end game stuff so don't even try the competitions. They whip out their shiny 100% legendaries faster than you can sneeze. Also, you have to buy your way into their Safari Zone or pretty much anywhere you need to go it seems. With REAL money, not pixelmon money. How very pay to win of them.

The staff and higher ranked trainers have rather extravagant tags that are painfully gaudy and hurt my eyes especially viewing it on a dark background.

To claim that anyone is nice on that server is a bold faced lie. I asked for starting assistance and I got ignored. I felt alone and intimidated. No one wanted to show me the ropes or show me things I needed to know.

When I talked on Harmony Discord, there was a rather rude child that insulted my voice... Saying it was too soft and he felt uncomfortable. Poor kid.
Posted 27th Jun 2017
The best thing i can say about the server is active community and good admins. The claim/town system is nice and the world 15,000 blocks in each direction to the Border.

I don't like that the lowest rank of staff got low requirements and some of those "helper" can really get slimey when you don't agree with them and they know what to do to get you banned before you even thought about it. Worst part is you can do nothing about it since they belong to the serverstaff. That is what i found really frustrating.

Even though the server restarts multiple times it crashes now and then usually up after a few minutes some people who are not me find this too much to deal with. Since pixelmon has lot of bugs and stuff you should take evidence aka screenshots of items pokemon you care about, because really frequent that stuff just disappears and appears somewhere else or is gone.

You can purchase any pokemon and edit it how you want with real money in the shop from the website, which is really breaking the economy - some people camp to get a legendary for 2 weeks and don't get because someone purchased a rank to /fly and teleported to that camping spot as soon as it spawned. These ranks go up to 299,99$ and without paying you don't even have access to the EV training area so you have to chase zubats at spawn and the good shit.

The legendary spawnrate is really low so that a lot of people who purchased the legendaries from the shop usually win battles because you cannot find 6IV perfect legendaries in the wild. People who know competiv pokemon know this is in the maingames only possible with thirdparty programms. For example the odds of finding a pokemon with good nature are bad but hidden ability is super rare on wild pokemon in pixelmon.

Also there are no rules or clauses for battling so people can just run scarf sheer cold articuno level 110 and kill your entire team like that.

Usually it would be a good thing that there are a lot of tounaments with different content but since you can just pay to get the best pokemon possible i found this really pointless. Pointless like people asking to battle just to show off their 6 level shiny legendaries.

A lot of members are friendly to new people at first so if you want to check the server out yourself just hop in.
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
First off, server is amazing! Quick and cooperative community. Amazing player base, I would recommend trying out this Family Friendly server! ~TheLeatherTunic -Leather
Posted 18th Apr 2017