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Primal Wars

Primal Wars - Team PLASMA/GALACTIC


Primal Wars

What is Primal Wars?
Primal Wars is a 5.1.2 Pixelmon Server with a really friendly community!
We strive to have a really enjoyable server for everyone all ages can play on and not leave the server disappointed.

We have Team Plasma/Galactic on our server!
You get to choose what team you would like to be on upon startup
At the team towns you can be given assignments from team commanders which is kind of like quests.

Used to be good, now it’s terrible. Never online, no server website and the staff have turned vile. This server is not looking good anymore, and I’m certain it never will again. Do not waste your time.
Posted 16th Dec 2017
THIS SERVER IS SO COOL!!! The staff is very nice and gives legendarys if you ask nice enough.
Posted 18th Apr 2017
Primal Wars is a great Pixelmon server! I think it's the best one I've seen! The staff are nice and helpful, and the community is the same! The people here are so fun! If you are a new player, everyone on the server will welcome you, and you will want to stay forever.
The staff and players talk to each other, and some of them live together, and I think that's good. The staff can know about their players more.
If you like battling, you'll like this: There are Gyms, an Elite Four, and a Battle Frontier! The gyms are easy because they're NPC Gym Leaders, but, the Elite Four and Battle Frontier.. are hard. The Battle Frontier is good for people who like competitive battling, and it can even help you become good at battles.
The safari has every Pokemon you'll want to catch in one place. There's a lot of different biomes and there are always people there!
Teams.. I like them, but there are more people on Team Plasma than Team Galactic, and I think that should change. Team Galactic should get more players.
And if you like to have fun, two of the staff members try to have some fun games with prizes every night (or almost every night)!
Primal Wars is the best server! If you read this review, I hope you come play the server too!
Posted 9th Jan 2017
really good server, started off with a shiny, a buddy of mine got a shiny rayquazza his second day on the game. plenty of resources if youre willing to do the work to get them, cheap items in the store. my favorite server, hands down. oGHOST_KINGo
Posted 23rd Dec 2016
This is a really awesome server
Posted 23rd Dec 2016
It's an amazing server! I joined and within perhaps 5 minutes I already felt like I was part of the community of fellow trainers! There is NOTHING to dislike!
Posted 11th Dec 2016
TL;DR: If you are looking for the pixelmon experience this is not the server for you.

So me and my friends wanted to play on a pixelmon server, but we went threw all servers and we did not find one that did not have massive lag issues. We found this server, it was great at first until we started playing more. There are alot of issues with this server i will put them in a list:
1. You have to wait for the pokemon to spawn this means there are barely any pokemon
2. The server is actually very laggy and it shuts downs alot even with 30/100 players
3. Gyms and Battling in general is glitched(most of the time you will get stuck in waiting when fighting and gym and then you have to wait a full minceaft day to battle the gym again).
4. Pokeloot and boss loot is disabled,
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
I havent played many pixelmon servers but this one runs smoothly, doesnt have bad chat spam and overall seems like the staff cares and interacts with players
Posted 29th Aug 2016
This is a great server with helpful players
Posted 22nd Aug 2016
I haven't joined this server yet, but the reviews are great, might give it a try. Last Pixelmon server I went on, the owner was really disrespectful, don't let me down :D
Posted 20th Aug 2016
This Is So Far My Favorite Server I Have Played On They Have Really Great Staff My Favorite Part Of It Has To Be There Is Almost No Lag Unlike Other Servers Where It Takes 2 Minutes For Your Pokemon To Be Done Healing.The Staff On This Server Are Also Very Responsive To The Questions You Ask That's Overall Why I Like It :)
Posted 16th Aug 2016