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»» WolfyCraft ««

WolfyCraft is a friendly server, that you're bound to enjoy! We aim to provide a relaxing enviroment where you can build, craft, and enjoy playing with your friends and other players!


Join our Pixelmon server, where you can enjoy a brand new custom world, explore it with other trainers, capture all the Pokemons and beat our gyms!


Ready for some war? Looking to make the coolest base ever? Come and join us, and show the world your domination. I hope you remember how to make a TNT Cannon!


Want to let your creative side out and just build? Well no worries! You can do that too, come and relax, build, and share your creations with others.

-[Friendly Community]

Our server isn't just a server, it's a community, a place for people to come and relax, have fun, play and meet new people. You will be welcome here!

We hope to see you here soon!

When I first came to the server, I had some issues with my client, the admins were really nice and helped me fix it! Everyone on the server helped me out in capturing my favourite pokemon, and it was a really fun time playing on here
Posted 29th Jan 2021
Good server, the admin is very nice and is always active. The builders are amazing, the spawn looks very good and they are always building new things on the server to make it look better
Posted 29th Jan 2021