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PixLELmon is a fairly new server and we plan to do lots with it!

Our server ip is: please ignore the banner.

Some of the current cool features are:
-Trading cards
Buy and sell trading cards or get them from just playing the server!
-HUGE economy
Unlike other servers, we plan to build a huge economy so you actually feel like you are rich. For example on our server 1$ = 100,000c.
-No Swear Filter
Tired of joining pixelmon servers that are so particular about language? Well we don't care if you cuss. Have as much fun as you want here.
-One-Click Gyms
We hate making players do all kinds of commands, whenever a gym leader is on just do /gyms menu to check out if their gym is open. We will have all 42 gyms.

Coming soon:
Unova region
We're starting with Unova because most servers start with kanto/johto. We want to have something to bring players to us. Start with us today!
Trading Card Battle:
In the future you will be able to battle your cards as well as submit them for economy. Each common card is appraised at .25cents which is equal to 25,000c in game money.

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