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Twinleaf Pixelmon!


Welcome to Twinleaf!

We are a sever thats has recently started and we are doing our best to make it as great as possible!

We have our spawn area pretty well built with a pokecenter, fossil rooms, arena and more cities are to come!

With our staff quickly building things and getting new plugins, we are always improving the server so come on and check us out!

We have...

-12 Gyms! (11 are open for gymleaders! Electric is taken. Forums link is below so apply now!)

-Amazing and humorous Staff!

-Beautiful Builds!

-Colourful Ranks!

-Over 90% Server Uptime!

We are still in a building stage so you will be seeing us restart here and there, but the times you are on you'll have a blast!

We have 10 Gyms open at the moment, so we are taking applications. But remember that we won't just be accepting people left and right. We'll be judging you by how long you've been on the server,your attitude towards other players,and your relationship and attitude towards the staff.

We hope to see you there!

Have a nice day!

´╗┐The forums link is -

The server IP is -

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