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Pixelverse - Pixelmon & More


Pixelmon and so much more!

Pixelverse is a Pixelmon modpack and server that has been built to not just be about Pixelmon. The modpack has over 50 other mods included, so you can enjoy all the normal perks of a modpack, but with Pixelmon.

The Server

The Pixelverse server has been set up with 8 gyms, elite four members, EV training ground, safari zone and loads of places for you to check out and level up your Pokemon.

Each gym has its own town built around it that you can check out and interact with the NPCs. Each gym also has its own unique quirks. We have spiced some of the gyms up with droppers, mazes and quizzes. We have worked hard to make sure the gyms are challenging, but not so hard they become annoying.

Gym Types:

Gym One: Fire
Gym Two: Normal
Gym Three: Bug
Gym Four: Electric
Gym Five: Ground
Gym Six: Flying
Gym Seven: Ice
Gym Eight: Dragon

To play on the server you will need to download the modpack:

The IP comes with the pack

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