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Initia Nova

Initia Nova


Welcome to Initia Nova! Come join our friendly community, where you can fight through player run gyms and E4 to become the one true Elite 4 Champion. If battling isn’t your strong suit, we hold many fun tournaments and events, where you can win all sorts of amazing prizes! We hope you will enjoy your time here at Initia Nova, and create memories to last!

About us and what we offer:
Initia Nova has been open for 3 years and is back in business! Glad to come back to pixelmon on the latest version of Pixelmon Reforged.
We offer a multitude of things do to, such as player run gyms and Elite four, safari, EV training and quick leveling area, marriage plugin and much more! When you join our server, you’ll begin with a shiny starter and can collect many more pokémon with our safari, wondertrade, GTS (Global Trading System). No need for ranch blocks with the /pbreed and /hatch command available to all players from the start!
Join our friendly community and participate in many different events, such as tournaments and drop parties! Explore the world to your liking where you can create your own base and protect it with grief prevention. No need worry about lost items with keep inventory enabled!
Are your resources running low? That isn’t a problem with a wide range of Building Blocks available at the Market! You also have the option of exploring our resource map and collect your own, this map is reset monthly.
Keep an eye out for our Adventure map!

Where to find us!
Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3!
Server Information:
Server IP:
Download Pixelmon Reforged here! :
Download forge here:

It's ok.....
Mae is pretty thicc tho. She's my favourite admin
Posted 23rd Apr 2018