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Pixelmon Paradise


Welcome to Pixelmon Paradise

We offer a custom realistic terrain generation mod, that creates beautiful landscapes that everyone can enjoy!

Version Pixelmon Generations 1.4.1
We're always running on the Latest Pixelmon Generations Version!



We are a small, but growing community that enjoys pixelmon.

-We have a dedicated server and promiss no lag or long downtime

-Realistic Biomes

-Easy and ready to go spawn

-Helpful and friendly staff


-Clean and professional setup

-Custom Content

-Tournaments and Gyms


This server is a complete scam. The admins are known for starting up servers just to take donations, then shutting them down shortly after. This server used to go by the name of 'pixelmon paradise' however they have since changed the name and domain to avoid prosecution and hide from negative reviews. a simple google search of 'pixelmon bliss' or 'pixelmon paradise' will bring up all of the previous websites and pixelmonservers links that they owners have deleted to try and hide the servers negative reputation. Thank good pixelmonservers has archives that are open for public access. Throughout gameplay on the server I found that the server managers and owner constantly watch what you and its makes me really uncomfortable, they also removed all my money and I am still not sure why. There are MUCH better pixelmon servers this one is not worth the time. They are selfish bullies and are just in it to make a couple bucks and then close the server without any remorse for the players. im writing this review out of pure sympathy for players that they have done wrong in the past and players that they will inevitably trick in the future. Thank you for spending ur time to read my review and please for the love of god. DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SERVER!!!!
Posted 17th Apr 2019
This server made me want to s E X the admins they are so nice and good I love this server it is the only pixelmon server I play on becos the admins are so seksy oh my gosh oh f r i c k my peepee is so hard for themmmm. Seize the means of pokeball production xDDDD the gentle trainer will no longer suffer at the hands of the pokebourgoisie ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
Posted 25th Mar 2019
User: Frosts_Memes

Professionalisation: Information Analytical Review Management / Pixelmon Server Review

When i was a child in the late 2015, I began playing pokemon with my terminally ill autistic friend Max. He sadly past away last year and i have dedicated my life to review the best and greatest pixelmon servers. I have professional experience in server management and believe this server to be the most ambitions and professional server in these resent years. I believe fortnight has muddied the childhoods of the next generation and that pixelmon is a much superior game. I feel really emotionally and personally connected to this server and that the server owners GetDroppped and Salacious are very professional and hardworking indiviuals.

Finally i would like to digress the fact that this server is the best thing that has happened in my life for the past 46 years. Thankyou and i believe that you should all check this server out.

Kind Regards, Frosts_Memes
Posted 25th Mar 2019