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PokeVanilla offers a completely F2P survival experience where everything available in Pixelmon is fully accessible without paywalls. We offer ease of access plugins that makes your experience much more enjoyable. Our economies are completely player driven and being a part of the community gives you an advantage when trying to get rare items or Pokémon. We offer player built Pokémon Gyms with gym leaders from our own community. We have dimension resets every month to make it easier for new players to earn loot. Come join PokeVanilla a Pixelmon server made for the community. If you have any questions or just want to chat join our discord at We are always looking for more staff and gym leaders.

  • No Freebies, just you and your starter in a world full of resources, over 900 obtainable pokemon, raids, and other Pixelmon features.
  • Player-built gyms and gym teams as well as lots of opportunities for players to become gym leaders.
  • Oh The Biomes You'll Go terrain enabled.
  • Can be joined with the default mod pack.
  • We've made highly sought-after unobtainable vanilla, BYG, and Pixelmon items obtainable for players to earn.
  • Shiny Base chances will always be 1/4096 and we will never change that, Raid chances and legendary timer are also on the vanilla values.
  • Tournaments for players who've bred or pumped Pokémon full of caps/rare candies/mints.
  • Only 1 home and 1 bed
  • TPA enabled
  • Wondertrade
  • PokeBingo

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