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Enjoy a Classic Pokemon experience


Hello everyone !

Join our newest "Pixelmon Classic Platinum" server, we are currently looking for Elite Four members and active players. Our Features :

-Complete Sinnoh map with accurate Pokémon spawns according to Platinum Pokédex

-"Pokémon snap" system, take picturess of rare pokémons and obtain nice rewards

-NPC trainers and Gym leaders just like in the original game, plus our little "touch"

-Trading card game with shops and Arena

-Players League

-Weekly events, Safari, Pokémon and TCG Tournaments

-Dynamic Elite Four system, as an Elite Four member, if you lose too much you'll be replaced, if a challenger beats the champion, he become the new Champ

-Constant content additions, new locations, game features, Regions and a lot more !

If you want to enjoy a classic Pokemon experience in the Sinnoh region, you can learn more about us, the server and our custom Modpack by joining the Discord ( The server IP is included in the Modpack )

Modpack link :

Discord link :

We hope to see you soon in Sinnoh !

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