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Derpscraft Pixelmon


Running Pixelmon 4.3.0 on sponge forge 1.8.9 minecraft version

We are a new server and just started up this server efficiently. We are adding more and more custom content every day! More and more people are joining by the day, we are a growing community thriving on the players and giving them the server they want and search endlessly for,
SEARCH NO MORE! For you have found it!
If you want a GOOD community, with friendly staff, friendly players, unlimited possibilitie, Join Derps Pixelmon!
We have griefprevention, signshops, permissions based completely configured.
Though we are still a new server we have our roots planted for the server, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON! We will be one of the next up and coming servers on the minecraft server lists! With your help we can get there! Come join us at Derps Pixelmon! Have the time of your life!

If you are not among the group listed above in our server then you should not have an issue achieving the requirements to be ELIGIBLE for staff. This does NOT GAURENTEE you will earn staff immediately.

Really improving now that it isnt 1.10, can't wait to see it grow!
Posted 6th Dec 2016
This server was perfectly fine, it has a small populous (which I enjoy), and the staff itself is fine. Plus you can get up to 3 free masterballs when you start. All was okay.....until I realized how much of said server was p2w. You have to BUY a perk in order to simply kill bosses. If you find a boss tower, and mention it in chat. They will teleport to you, and alter the BOSS spawner, that the tower was originally designed for, and set it to spawn normal high level pokemon. How are we able to access certain drops that only come from High Tier drops, and good luck finding any Master Ball Loot, unless of course we pay to use the boss spawner inside of a laggy EVS training area.

P.S: In order to be able to fly on pokemon, you have to get the HM Fly that comes from where, guess what, it comes from HIGH tier drops.
The server replied:
Hello and I am terribly sorry you feel this way! I have recently taken the server down and now it is back up, all has been re created and everything is brand new! I would really like to see about what was causing your lag issues in the warp EV's! If anything i would love to see you join us again! I am still working on the server and would like some input on things that i know the players want!
Posted 17th Sep 2016