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Tired of boring Minecraft servers? Abusing Staff? Toxic Players?
Welcome to the ForkVerse!
NO PAY TO WIN - all ranks are earned through Playtime and In-game Money!
Land Claiming - Claim land live with friends
Levels - Level up Sword, Axe, Mining, fishing Skills! etc.
Economy - Grind money by killing mobs or Questing.
Chest Locking - lock chests and keep people out!
Auction - Sell your unwanted goods!
Stream Events - Custom Events streamed by KarrotKake!
Bounties - Kill someone and earn their Bounty!
Leaderboards - Compete with others to be the richest!
Player Warps - Create your own warp and setup a shop!

IP: Server is now LIVE!
Website/Store: Coming Soon!Plugins installed on server: Essentials, Quest, Auctions, Jobs, Levels, Crates, Coins, Bounty

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