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Solitude Pixelmon Server Asia (Singapore)


So I am hosting a Pixelmon server, feel free to join in and say hi to me!

Client Needed


Mods needed

Custom NPC:

Make sure it is 3.0.4 Version

Where I get my map from?

Towns Locations:

Pallet x: -1351 y: 82 z: 886

Viridian x: -1144 y: 82 z: 356

Pewter x: -1676 y: 82 z: -256

Cerulean x: -837 y: 82 z: -582

Vermillion x: -768 y: 82 z: 3

Saffron x: -133 y: 82 z: -434

Celadon x: 295 y: 82 z: -311

Lavender x: 1194 y: 82 z: -474

Fuchsia x: 1071 y: 82 z: 953

Cinnabar x: -1111 y: 82 z: 1406

New pixelmon server

Recommended for explorer to get a flying starter (Charmander Evolved) pokemon to explore the map cities.

Feel Free to contact me through
For any bugs or suggestions or issue.


-Training Rooms (Pokemon Spawns)

-NPC Gym Leaders (Custom NPCs)

Spawn Rate for land/water pokemon is 2x normal

Rules and Server guide

For donation and benefits from the server type /buy and use the link to direct you to buy page.

For land claiming, you have to be above Trainer rank to do so as we do not want the map to be ugli-fied.

To learn about land claim, simply type in chat "how to claim?" and a url will pop up to bring you to the guide.

Rules are simple, be logical, be sensible, be nice, be friendly. No trolling, No anti-social behaviour, No hacking

Server IP:

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