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PixelmonHollows Reforged 6.3.4

Custom Starters!

Custom Starters!

Special Starter Selection!

Special Starter Selection!

Kit Trainer!

Kit Trainer!

Shiny Starter!

Shiny Starter!

Custom Gui!

Custom Gui!




Pixelmon Hollows is a well established Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.4 server hosted in North America. Our wonderful server is filled with many features which always give you something new to do!
We have Shiny Starters to start you off with your journey, along your journey you able to breed your pokemon, ride your pokemon anywhere you’d like, find and capture legendary pokemon, battle player Gym Leaders to earn your very first badge and progress all the way to the Elite 4 and then to the Champion to become the very best!

Pixelmon Hollows prides itself in the happiness of the players and how they enjoy their experience with us! There is always someone online who will always be willing to help whether it be a staff member or a regular player. We are very community based and strive to keep new and interesting features added and updated.

Server Features


  • Pixelmon Hollows has its very own custom resource pack that is a work in progress but right now has a custom GUI! Soon there will be Hollowed Pokemon and many different textures in the game!


  • We welcome you to use Gameshark on PixelmonHollows as it helps the player find and catch Legendary / Shiny Pokemon

50+ Starters

  • On PixelmonHollows we welcome you with over 50+ Shiny starters from each generation of Pokemon! this means you can also pick your original starter if you would like!!


  • Our server has voting enabled and with voting comes plenty of goodies to win from our crates at warp crates. You can win anything from Pokeballs to a Legendary Pokemon! Voting rewards are randomized to where different keys are given from a common key to the awesome Legendary Key! You may even have a chance at receiving our shiny crate key! Voting offers you a small boost, but also gives us a boost and really helps!


  • Wondertrading is a feature where you put a selected pokemon in the wondertrade pool in return for another pokemon in the pool. This is completely random so you could possibly earn a shiny or legendary from this. The command /wt brings up a GUI of your pokemon to select to trade! It's all down to luck on this one!

Keep Inventory

  • Keep Inventory is enabled just in case you fall off your Charizard while flying ^-^

NO Pay-to-Win

  • Pixelmon Hollows prides itself in the fact that we are not pay to win but we do have donation perks which can give you a boost over other players. You can buy ranks or just a straight up legendary if you’d like. It helps us out a lot and ALL earnings are dedicated to the server.

EV/IV Training

  • EV Training is recently added feature of Pixelmon Hollows, you re able to access this through /warp list. These can greatly improve your team to beat any trainer, gym or Elite 4!

  • IV Training is accessed via /pokebuilder!

Poke Builder

  • Poke Builder is a brand new feature where you can use ingame currency to edit your pokemon to your liking, you are able to make your pokemon’s IV’s 100%, make the pokemon shiny, change its EV’s, growth, Hidden Ability and many more features within poke builder.

These are just a select few out of many of Pixelmon Hollows features to use or participate in! You will always have something new to try out on our server and we hope you have an amazing time with us! We hope to see you online sometime!

See you there!

The server is very friendly and the staff are mature! theres no reason not to join this server than the others!! thats to expect from a ex 100+ person pixelmon server owner!!
Posted 23rd Sep 2018
The server is excellent. I started playing the day after release, all the staff are friendly, the ranks are well balanced and the opportunity to become a gym leader was a good idea to implement for all General players!

Overall amazing server with an amazing community. I would recommend it to all!

IGN: Helsinkiii
Posted 14th Sep 2018
when i was six years old i caught a pikachu and it gave me aids
Posted 13th Sep 2018
I like this server alot, 1 the spawns and 2 just the staff and the people who play on it, everyone is so friendly and if you ever need someone to lean on you can come join the family/community.
Take it from me
Posted 13th Sep 2018
Pixelmon Hollows is such and amazing, friendly and fun going server which I think every player who loves pixelmon should have a crack at. Personally I’ve donated because of the community and how helpful the player base was to me when I was forst starting out. The owner is a nice laid back guy but is able to easily sort out problems when it comes to it.

I highly recommend this server to anyone who is starting to play pixelmon, coming back to it or has been playing for a while.

Join and hopefully we could play! -Zrotu
Posted 12th Sep 2018