This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CatchEmVale 2 Servers | 4.06 | Pixelmon


Website : [url][/url]

You get 4 Shiny Starter Pixelmon, Pokeballs, & Money
when first joining either of these servers!

Donation Store now up, great Reward system, purchase anything in the store,
earn Points, get free Legendaries & unobtainable items!

**More Popular / Older Server
Catchemvale 4.6 Survival Server
Just have fun with all the features, build, fly, breed, whatever!

  • Spawn Amount, Shiny Rate, & Legendary Rate Increased (Though Still Rare)
  • All normal features are on to do, Experience everything the mod has to offer, build an acorn farm, farm & craft your own pokeballs, potions, summon a legendary bird, ride your pixelmon!
  • Claim land, let other build on it, everyone else can only use doors on your land.
  • Spawn Teleport, Home Teleports (up to 4) Teleports To Other Places.

Newer, not many players yet
Catchemvale 4.06 Red Blue Server NEW
Everything is setup except for shops & trainers!
Experience the Red Blue Game in Minecraft!

  • Meant to recreate the Pokemon Red Blue Experience!
  • Same Map as in the game.
  • Starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle.
  • First 150 Pokemon
  • Stores in each town.
  • Battle Trainers & Gym Leaders for Money & Badges.

**If Having trouble connecting try the Forums on the website.

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