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Come be a part of our brand new Pixelmon server!

[b]Think you have what it takes to discover and defeat every gym and collect all the badges?[/b]
There are multiple gyms and bosses to fight, each with their very own badge to collect. These aren't any normal gyms! We purposely made them a bit harder so you can really put your fighting to the test.

[b]Want to be an alpha?[/b]
We are encouraging players to apply for a gym. We will give you permission to design and build you very own gym, as well as set up battles between you and other players.

[b]Pixelmon is fun, losing your inventory isn't.[/b]
Pixelmon is fun, but losing your inventory isn't. That's why we enabled keep inventory! You can enjoy what you do best, without worrying about death.

[b]Starters are boring...[/b]
That's why shiny starters are enabled by default. Also, not to mention that two additional pokemon have been added. You can now choose to spawn with eevee or magikarp!

[b]Need help? Don't be afraid to ask.[/b]
Usually we have a staff member on at times, so don't be afraid to ask questions! Forgot to mention that they are friendly

-Player GYM's
-Better Bosses
-Better NPC's
-Better Starters
-Keep Inventory
-Friendly staff


Great staff and the community is really friendly. I'm probably on the server about 50-60+ Hours a week and the people that know me can probably vouch for that. It's a brand new server that is a ton of fun!!! :D
Posted 26th Sep 2016
Whitelist should be off. I wanted to play but wow
Posted 31st Aug 2016
Any staff can open the server please?
Posted 28th Aug 2016
Those problems described or more so due to this version of Pixelmon being in Beta and thus very buggy. It's would be like you giving a bad review to a restaurant because the food dealer gave them old food. It's just what they have to work with and they're doing the best they can.
Posted 20th Aug 2016
Server really doesn't work well

every time you warp you are stuck in the void until reconnecting

Pokemon fail to withdraw (Quite frequently)

Stuck in battle (Quite Frequently)

overall just many bugs that need to be resolved
Posted 19th Aug 2016