This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pokelon 2.0


Pokelon 2.0. We have friendly staff and players, and we are back for round 2. You Free shiny of your choice when you join. EV and IV training farm, riding and flying is ENABLED. Need gym leaders and staff. (You can apply on the website after joining)
Kit starter has all of your basic needs. Give us a shot, and come join the adventure!

You were banned for raiding somebody and not caring at all. You were never raided, and at that time we were experiencing some problems which won't come up again. Say what you want, but we've made over $300 this WEEK. The players love server. If you don't that's fine. Just move on and find another server. And anyways no server is perfect.
Posted 19th Jul 2016
Mainly the owner Kohls, however the staff are fairly immature. No self-management whatsoever as I was banned without warning for an unwritten rule. Owner also called me names (not sugar-coating it, he straight up called me an idiot & a faggot), insulted me and topped it off with a permanent ban. All for what? Taking items from unclaimed land. Guess where that rule was written down? No where. There were many ways to fix the error but no. Poor ole' Kohls must've been too lazy.

If I were to have someone ask me "should I join this server," I'd turn them around 180° and make them run as far away as they can. The slightest muck up will get you permanently banned in no time and you won't even know what you'd have done wrong. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time here!

Zero out of a quadrillion stars.

P.S, they don't even help you either. I get banned for taking items yet I was raided myself and no one helped? I didn't expect them to but if I get in trouble for it why shouldn't they? Bullshit man. Don't join this server.
Posted 15th Jul 2016