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xPixelmon [1.8.9]


xPixelmon is an extremely unique Pixelmon server, where everything is amazing. You can ride across the land on your Rhydon, or soar across the skies on your Staraptor. Whatever it is you want to do, just remember that you have your Pokémon by your side. With events such as Parkour and Tournaments, and rewards like Rare Candies, Master Balls, and sometimes even Pokémon Spawns, there is no way to get bored playing on xPixelmon. We currently have 1 gym, but we will be adding 7 more, as well as the Pokémon League!

Definitely a very fun server. The owner is very friendly, and I won a Master Ball for beating the parkour! Caught a Rayquaza with it later. Yes, the server needs a little bit of work, and obviously a little more money, but it definitely has great potential.
Posted 17th Sep 2016