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TaffyNet Minecraft Network


Currently Running Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.6

Join us on a locally hosted, Australian Network.
Mature players base with a fresh map.
No Paywall, No PTW. Everyone is level.

We started this network after being sick of people hiding everything behind paywalls.
You wont pay a cent to us.
We have no paypal, nothing.
Everyone has the same permissions (minus a few admin perms obviously)
/checkspawns, /ivs, /evs /GTS and more!

We also have a Vanilla 1.14.4. world that is fresh and with MCMMO.

The Network is Bungeecorded with the idea to expand to other server packs.
Suggestions are always welcome!

Rules are simple:
1: Be respectful.
2: Be ethical.
3: Use common sense.
4: Do not abuse bugs or exploits, Check /info for the bug bounty!
5: No X-Ray or other mods/plugins/texture packs that give an unfair advantage.
6: Staff have final say. Right or wrong. It stops arguments.
7: No Spam.
8: Limit the swearing, we want to be family friendly.
9: Do not bypass server rules or restrictions. They are there for a reason.

More Info at

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