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PixelSpark Reforged

PixelSpark Reforged


PixelSpark & Pixelmon Servers

Join us today for the most unique Pixelmon experience, or for a bigger change to gameplay use our modpack.
PixelSpark on, you can also use this for Pixelmon.

Server Features:
Server online 24/7 - Always up.
Grief prevention plugin, up to 10000 claimable blocks.
Well trained staff, helpers, moderators, admins to help with your needs.
A player driven market that you can buy and sell on!
Great donor packages
Player Gym Leaders
Custom content specific to our servers

Thanks for considering us as your Pixelmon and PixelSpark home!

I will get 9000K and 90 Legendary Crate keys
Posted 5th May 2019
nice server very fun and there is allot of things to do in this server
Posted 7th Apr 2019
It's well-run and a lot of fun
Posted 7th Mar 2019
Posted 23rd Sep 2018
This is one of my favorite servers because it has aspects from a prison faction and All of the pokemon games crammed into minecraft. So that is why it is my favorite.
Posted 12th Sep 2018
Poorly managed servers, corrupt staff members, terrible player support. Seriously, don't waste your time with this garbage.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Decided to start playing here and I must say that the first thing you notice is how corrupt their staff team is. No management at all, their staff members are not well trained, they don't care about the players, they're all in for the ranks and the tags. The management team is corrupt to the tee with no signs of fairness towards players and a lot of signs of bias. Do not play here.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Worse community ever. I was an admin for Pikacity for awhile and after a few days, PixelSpark put Pikacity into their community everything got corrupted. Pikacity Manager Marshall is the worse person in the entire server. All the server cares is about the money people give them. They assume bad stuff about their staff, I was applying for staff in a new server, Marshall found out and demoted, then he thought I was going to promote on "his" server and perm-banned me for no reason. They say the staff is mature but really they aren't. All the staff in PixelSpark are corrupted in the head and only care about getting more power as they get promoted. Do not join this server at all.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
First, the server looked pretty good. However, I soon found many bugs and glitches. When I told the staff about this, they said: "We don't have many glitches, so we are not really experienced". But then I found three glitches in two days. The staff was right though, they are indeed not experienced AT ALL! They don't know how to fix anything and they will never react the first time you ask them something.

In short, what a horrible server.
Posted 9th Aug 2018
child friendly server, fun events such as whats that pokemon (helpers build a pokemon and the audience guess for prizes) and color drop.
Posted 1st Aug 2018
Amazing the I love to see that there are gyms
Posted 31st Jul 2018
It's a fun concept done in a fun way, be sure to check it out! Soul Silver is the best!
Posted 14th Jun 2018
I've tried out this server multiple times (its sub servers). And this is what happened:
1st time - i log on, spawn is huge and hard to navigate. didnt know where anything is and the warps page is huge and unorganized. so reading it in a moving chat is torture. i ask for help several times, and im completely ignored. it must be hard to see my message with all those flashy pointless prefixes people have.

2nd time - i log on, and i use my kits. one kit gives you a legend key. I screenshot it because it asks me to. i tried to use it and it claimed the key was duped and i was reported. so i immediately try to contact someone over this, i didnt dupe anything! no answers at all, still ignored, and then the server crashes. wow

Mods are sarcastic and ignore you. I even saw prefixes that just said: im busy
What mod needs a do not disturb sign?! how about you do your job that'd be great. in fact there were so many prefixes lord knows if they were an admin or not i cant tell. they had multiple prefixes for the same person.

Dont waste your time, i read these reviews and they all said the same things about staff. trust me they are true.
Posted 7th Jun 2018
Out of all the pixelmon servers, this one really made me feel at home. The players are kind and the staff are helpful and for a pixelmon server it only lags a little. Would recommend this server for anyone who's looking for a fun time!
Posted 31st May 2018
Graeat kind staff and good players! Everyone shares and everyone is good! Staff is online 24/7 and the server is never outdated! I Even donated to help the server! But, I dont like the often crashes but I dont think its the servers fault tho.
Posted 1st May 2018
70% of the admins, mods, and helpers make up rules as they go. They do not care about the actual server rules at all. This server constantly glitches so that you lag or lose items/ pokemon. Most of the time the staff refuses to help you whatsoever. It is almost impossible to make any money on this server without buying it using actual money. There are better servers out there.
Posted 24th Apr 2018
This server is the true definition of wasting your time. It's very difficult to earn in-game money on here without paying for it on their website, that is where they get you. The store is pretty much something a 2-year old child put together with unreasonable prices, when people who has been there for ages makes ridiculous requests to either give you in-game money or just to waste time and let it sit in a shop that no one will buy it from. I have never seen so many people, even tenured players, complain about prices on a server. Terrible configurations I might as well add. I have played on over 50 servers, both mod, and vanilla, and have never experienced an issue where their own grief prevention configuration is so bugged, you not only cannot claim but you can not resize or abandon claims. You literally lose half of your claims as well, and it's not something anyone on the server, except for someone Admin+, who is not on the server regularly to resolve the issue. Surprised it's not even fixed for as long as this server has been online. Pitiful. This server has by far been -10/10 by me, and I rarely give negative reviews unless the server practically begs for it in its current state. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE.
Posted 20th Apr 2018
fun nice staff alot of rules but nice
Posted 16th Apr 2018
Everyone started spamming lottery buy, as soon as I bought ONE I get banned for 3 days. I'm not going to lie I did do some stupid stuff but I got banned. I wasn't even spamming it! and then before I could screenshot it I was banned. an admin was spamming.
Posted 5th Apr 2018
Awesome server! Highly recommend!
Posted 4th Apr 2018
the best pixelmon server <3
Posted 5th Mar 2018
This is the best server ever! All the helper and mods are kind helpful, they greet you right when you get on the server. And even some non-helpers/mods help you and greet you. I would give this server 10/5!!!
Posted 17th Jan 2018
cool serveur im new . . .3 . . .
Posted 8th Jan 2018
ok so this server is pretty good i like it not that bad i think i like it tho ok thx thats all
Posted 26th Nov 2017

Incredible staff, very helpful and friendly. Lag free and overall the best pixelmon server I've stumbled across.
Posted 21st Nov 2017