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PokeGaming Server - Professionally made - 3.5.1


We are proud to announce that the PokeGaming Pixelmon server is open! This is just the start of PokeGaming! we have so many differernt ideas to add to the server! So get on and enjoy the server we have created for you!



Dedicated servers all round!
3 x Intel Xeon E5-1650v2
3 x 128 GB RAM

Choice to toggle PvP on and off!

/trade - Trade without the risk of being scammed!

Keys and Crates - get free pokemon! EVEN LEGENDARYS!


GEMS economy! use these gems to buy cool stuff!

GymLeaders professional taught!

WonderTrade and other server side mods installed!

Advanced economy!

We are always looking for new staff and gymleaders!

Our donation packages will be very secure and fair in every way possible without inflicting game progress with your Pokemon catching! Our gym leaders will be trained and learn to deal with different situations and scenarios.
If you wish to apply for staff on the PokeGaming server(s) please go to our website!

The Poke gaming Server is great because you get to not only build a village or house or even castle you can play Pokemon and have fun with your friends too! The way each warp works is kinda weird but when you get used to it its no problem and with the help of 4 poke loots every day and a rare candy it's even more great, anyway the best part about the poke gaming server is the newest moderators and helpers who dedicated there time to help others in the process of making the game more fun!
Posted 11th Dec 2017
Its alright for a pixelmon server, basic essentials but there are quite a lot of downsides: Scamming is allowed, you cant check ivs OR evs unless you buy a rank, voting rewards are poor and staff arnt the most active because they have "lives", well msg to staff, if you have lives then why did you apply?? idek but apart from those its an ok server
Posted 3rd Nov 2017
This may be a bit biased, as I am staff on this server, but I feel it is needed to share my point of view. I absolutely adore this server. I have been playing on it for nearly 2 years now and have nothing but good memories to share. The staff are supporting and friendly, the gyms are run by real people and are challenging, there is currently 6 sub servers and they are all different, whether you prefer the busier poke1, or you are a fan of the tiny poke5, there is something for everyone.
Posted 15th Apr 2017
this server,way better than unlinked.With the things unlinked lacked off,good staff,good community.LUV IT
Posted 19th Jan 2017
Pokegaming is a great server! The community is very fun and interactive and is willing to help. The staff are amazing to they do there job and make things very clear and are willing to do there job. The community is great they help out new players as soon as they join. They will help them get Pokemon and claim there land if no staff online. I highly recommend the server!
Posted 13th Jan 2017
Best pixelmon server I've ever played, everyone is really friendly, and helpful - whether you're new or have been playing a long time. Challenging gyms run by real players that are fun to try and beat, as well as event gyms and areas for christmas, halloween etc.
Posted 11th Jan 2017
Love this server everyone is a team and has a lot of fun events to do love the fact that they use real people to be gym leaders
Posted 18th Dec 2016
Its a Very nice Server :) i cant stop Playing on it because all are Friendly and noone is alone :) U always get help if u need. If u want play on a Pixelmon Server Play on this one. There is no better Server, Just Join now.
Posted 17th Dec 2016
My favorite pixelmon server by far. Laag free amazing and very challenging gyms. Very reasonable prices on the server shop. The thing that made me fall in love with this server is its wonderful comunity and how well monitored it is.
Posted 17th Dec 2016
Personally, I believe this is one of the best pixelmon servers out there, great builds, fair and friendly staff, online gym leaders, regular events, vote crates. Not too overpowered or underpowered. It's just great in many ways, the community is very welcome, friendly and helpful. I spent around 2 months trying to find a fair pixelmon server, luckily I found pokegaming. 2 months searching spent well. Staff are always on and ready to help, in game and on forums.
Posted 17th Dec 2016
One of the best servers ive been on. 10/10 favorite. I enjoy this server very much. Staff are fair, and builds are detailed
Posted 17th Dec 2016
best server ever 2016.This server is way better than unlinked
Posted 4th Dec 2016
A server worth playing on, great community and interaction.
Posted 7th Nov 2016
I've been on this server for 5 months now and my experiences have all been great. The rewards you get from voting are awesome and each poke really feels like a community.
Posted 7th Nov 2016
I only hopped on ffor like 20 minutes because i couldnt stand getting spammed telling me to vote. it was very annoying and i hope they fix that
Posted 5th Nov 2016
Vote parties are kinda cool, but the website spams you "telling you to vote" and the builds aren't to impressive.
Posted 26th Oct 2016
not that bad not really that terrible. i dont know why its so high i guess on the listing. builds not that unique but not bad community.
Posted 15th Oct 2016
Website bombards you constantly with voting, won't leave you alone till you vote. Really sucks tbh, like why???
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
i love the server because it is fun to play on and yeh.
Posted 9th Aug 2016
this server is a pixelmon server with 3 different worlds, poke1, poke2, and poke3. each world is similar, but can create 3 different journeys. each server has a pack full of challenges, events, and more!
Posted 20th Jul 2016
Server is great all around
Posted 14th Jul 2016
it is the most fun pixelmon server I have been on ever.
Posted 13th Jul 2016