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PPMC Network

PPMC Network


PPMC boasts a custom Pixelmon Team based survival experience, now with Biomes O Plenty! Featuring, Shiny starters, custom joinable teams, weekly official tournaments, friendly staff, and unique vote shop.

PPMC also offers a custom adventure map Pokemon region called Arivium. This region features 8 challenging gyms, custom spawns, and a completely custom story to carry you through your journey in order to become the champion!

Server Discord:
Server Store:
Join now! IP:

You get $200 per vote, a vote token and a chance at a vote key to win more items.

Quality server
like the teams aspect
Posted 4th Apr 2018
The server is great, it has fridges, a great community and is easy to get into. Just beg Cheez4Lyfe for his money and then give it back until you end up getting his money anyway by selling him fridges and high-fives. (Not joking)
Posted 21st Oct 2017
One of the best pixelmon servers I have ever seen. They have friendly staff, and a loving community, and they actually care about the needs/wants of their players.
Posted 27th May 2017
Have been playing on this server since 2014 and I can only say it has become a home to me since then, and forever will be. The server has a great staff team and an incredible team system. The server overall provides a lovely experience for both experienced and inexperienced pixelmon players.
Posted 9th May 2017
I love the servers community and how they have all gotten to know eachother and it is nice to see how this server has brought so many people together.
Posted 9th May 2017
Been playing since 2014, before the server renewed for 1.10.2. Best Minecraft server I've ever played on, staff are great, and most importantly the community is great.
Posted 8th May 2017
I keep crashing why is this happening
Posted 12th Dec 2016
personal this is my fav server
Posted 27th Sep 2016