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We are a friendly and welcoming server that offers many perks and advantages to all members of the community.

We host weekly events, as well as specially timed events, such as Drop Parties, that depend upon player feedback and support, IE voting, for the server.

There are opportunities for all players within our community to become more involved in everyday server activities. All players have the opportunity to apply for a position as Server Staff, Gym Leader, and Builder, given that they meet all of the requirements for the ranks themselves.

We offer a variety of warps, both to particular biomes and server builds, such as Gyms, Safari, and the server shop. Players have free roam and access to all of these warps and are encouraged to use them to their fullest.

We have an array of game-play options available for all types of playing styles within Minecraft. As far as Vanilla Minecraft is concerned, players could go about playing a simply Vanilla style game-play without any issues at all. One could hone their skills and aim to be a great architect on server, building beautiful creations wherever they see fit as well. Players can seek to conquer the Gyms on server and ascend the ranks of the Champions, or they can play a simple style of recreational battling and breeding.

As mentioned above, we have our own player run gyms, lead by every day players, such as yourself. Our Gym Leaders are some of the best of the best, so challenging them is not an easy feat as one would think. They have honed their mono-typed team with skill and poise dignified throughout their duration on our server. You can choose to join their ranks, or challenge them, gather their badges, face the Elite Four, and become the newest Champion of the server!

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