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NemaPixel - Nemalands Pixelmon 5.0.1 MC 1.10.2


•Pixelmon 5.0.1 • UK • keepINV • adminSHOPS • Shiny Starters • friendlyCOMMUNITY • pokemonFLYING
• SHINYhunts • LEGENDARYspawns • votingSHOP



  2. You should be able to find the NemaPixel Pixpack under the PixPacks tab.


See you all on the server! :)

Updated to latest Pixelmon version Pixelmon 5.0.1!

We recommend you use the Beta Pixelmon launcher for installing Pixelmon as it's the easiest way to make sure it's running correctly!

If you have any issues please contact us via the website or jump on our TeamSpeak


This server probably is one of my best pixelmon server I have ever played on. people are nice in the server, not much scammer. Only thing that is kinda glitchy is for some reason I can't buy ranks with real life money. Hope this will be fixed soon. I will give 8 out of 10 for this server!
Posted 7th Feb 2017
i was bullied previously at this server i am making this review because a few of the members have been harassing me recently even months later if you do not want to deal with people who bully do NOT come here
Posted 17th Dec 2016
NEMALANDS has a great community where you never feel like you’re left out. Right from the bat you’ll be showered in welcomes and greetings from other players. Having problems with those pesky EVs?... No wait were those IVs?? Don’t worry! The community will undoubtedly come to your aid, so don’t feel afraid to ask!~ The community is always there and is one of the kindest communities I myself have ever seen. There is rarely need for any staff to intervene...

But should it happen that there to be a need for that, the server has a great amount of staff who aren’t afraid to pull up their sleeves and two great owners who are firm, yet kind who will make sure to stop problems before they become one. So if you should be so unlucky as to be having some trouble, they got your back. :)

How about getting on? Is that dang Pixelmon Launcher giving you trouble or is the new update giving up a fight? Come to NEMALANDS own Discord server! There is sure to be lots of people who is happy to help you there. The Discord server is also an amazing place to get close with the other players. Even if you’re a little shy, don’t worry! People will take good care of you in there.

NEMALANDS even has their own Pixelmon pack, which can easily be downloaded right from the Pixelmon Launcher! Don’t forget about the servers custom plugins that will make sure you're having the best Pixelmon experience and the frequent updates too, to keep NEMALANDS at level with even the biggest Pixelmon servers!

Do you enjoy ranks like me, but your wallet is empty after you went out and bought all those Pikachu plushies that you definitely didn’t need ALL 5 costumes of? No problem! NEMALANDS uses a great point system that lets players vote and gain points to buy different things including items, Pokémons, ranks and so forth!

Even better is while you do that, you have the chance to be the servers top voter which could give you those cool legendaries to ride around on, so that you can look and truly feel like you’re the very best there ever was.

To even further show that, you should come join the tournaments! Every 2 weeks on Saturdays, the owners host a Pokémon tournament with amazing prizes for the winners! So come battle out to your heart's content and win some awesome prizes!

If you’re not too much about the loud and rowdy tournaments and you just wanna go around at your own pace, capture missions are where it’s at...

Twice a month, a capture mission is given out of a very specific Pokémon you need to catch. So while you’re out looking for dang Riolu that is just refusing to spawn, keep your eyes open. Who knows, you might be the lucky one to take home a new legendary because of it.

So come join the fun! :)

Posted 30th Nov 2016
The community on this server is by far the best ive come across on any server. Cant thank myself enough for deciding to give this server a try back when i was looking for a semi big pixelmon server to play on. No complaints.
Posted 28th Nov 2016
Loved this server once I found it. I mean, the community is super friendly. You get spammed with "Welcome!" as soon as you join, haha. And the server also features a points shop, which is an alternative to donating, and this is one of my favourite features of the server ^^. Also, the staff on the server find ways around problems in different versions. For example, in the current version, Boss Towers do not spawn. But the staff added the option to buy Boss Towers from the points shop which I think is really helpful ^^. Furthermore, the acquire points, all you need to do is vote on the server. Then you can use those points to spend on whatever you want on in the points shop. Ranks, Pokemon, Claim Expansions, etc.

I really do like this server, and won't be leaving it anytime soon ^^.

Posted 26th Nov 2016
super mega top kek
Posted 26th Nov 2016
To be completely honest I have only joined this server recently and I am absolutely and utterly in love with it. The community is really friendly and helpful, the server it self is really clean, I love the buildings, the spawn is well made. The fact that you will never feel left out or made fun of just makes the whole experience enjoyable. I wake up every day and try to schedule my day so that I would have the time to play on this server. Solely because it makes me really happy and relaxed.
Posted 26th Nov 2016
I have been apart of nemalands for a couple years now and boy must I say this is the server to be at !
Posted 13th Nov 2016
Like it a lot, but it does need a better storage system for items.
Posted 19th Sep 2016
+Good community
+Nice and helpful staff
+No free pokemon, everything is earned
Posted 14th Sep 2016
This server is amazing. Netty and Matty are super friendly and helpful owners. They take time out to greet people, welcome new members and create a fun community for everyone.

They are always thinking of ways to change our day to day running of the server, working on improvements and fixes all the time and making the user play experience better.

Events are frequent, including a tournament and legendary hunt every week. They have a weekly capture mission which is also very fun and do different rewards.

Voting rewards is run differently as players get points to spend on anything in the shop. 10 days of voting can get you the lowest rank! But if you vote a certain number of times over the month, you can also get rewards like legendary pokemon.

The server is truly amazing and you should all come play. Staff are tirelessly working to make the community better and the owners are super friendly and an amazing bunch of people.
Posted 14th Sep 2016
- Horrible Staff
- No Nether
- No End
- No Mobspawns
- Bad Economy
+ EULA Compliant (as far as observed)
+ Owner is a cool guy
+ Own pixelmonpack
+ Nice website
The server replied:
- I'm sorry you feel that way about our staff as we always operate a fair policy for everyone but sometimes people's personalities will clash which we cannot avoid but any issues should have been passed onto the owners to deal with.
- There generally isn't ever the End or Nether enabled in Pixelmon as it's very unstable and Mobspawns are ALWAYS disabled as there's already a lot of entities being loaded due to Pixelmon and it takes away from the fact it's a Pixelmon server not a vanilla server.
Thank you for your + points as we try to make sure everyone enjoys their time on our server as that's what it's there for!
Posted 14th Sep 2016
The server is really good
Posted 18th Aug 2016