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Flarocity Pixelmon

Flarocity Pixelmon




Pixelmon Version 5.0.1 | 1.10.2

We offer custom coded plugins and a fresh take on the Pixelmon experience.
Here are features we offer:

  • Pixelmon Youtubers playing
  • Shiny Level 10 Starters
  • Battle Tower
  • Player run Elite 4
  • Player Shops
  • Awesome, high quality builds
  • Dedicated hardware for a lag-free experience
This is a Great server i spend almost all my time playing it when im on minecraft The owner and staff team are so nice and friendly i recommend come trying out this server See you guys there -HunterTooChillz
Posted 18th Oct 2016
Really great server with great staff! Would recommend to anyone who wants to start to learn the basics of pixelmon or who wants to jump into the deep end. This server offers a range of different opportunities depending on play style. The server has custom plugins and crates. Their is also ev training and ranks you dont have to be donor to get. Grief protection system that works really well and a friendly community. Pixelmon spawns are quite spread and shines are a bit more common if your into shiny hunting. The server is a 10/10 server to be and is the type of pixelmon server iv been looking for. Not to crowded but not too dead either. Great looking spawn and gyms and really great staff communication. Really would recommend this server to anyone playing pixelmon.
Posted 18th Oct 2016