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To play on you need Forge and the Pixelmon Mod.

Click here for video

Come enjoy our wonderful recreation of Pokemon Fire Red. Our server features the Fire Red quests and pokemon spawning.
Pokemon spawn in tall grass just as in the game.
Recreation of Pokemon Fire Red quests.
They spawn in the same location and at the same levels and rarity.
The server features gym battles in every city.

We are now working on adding every quest (such as Team Rocket stuff), NPCs to battle, and hidden items. We've also added accurate Pokémon spawning in long grass in their designated locations according to Pokémon Fire Red.

You can join with the mod Pixelmon 3.2.9 by visiting the IP:

Pallet Town:
Alt text

Route 1:
Alt text

Viridian City:
Alt text

Pewter City:
Alt text

Route 3/Mt. Moon:
Alt text

Route 4:
Alt text

Cerulean City:
Alt text

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