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ZanixServers Pixelmon 3.0.1 - Quests/Events 32Gb D


ZanixServers runs on 32Gb of ram on a dedicated server to bring you a lag free experience.

Explore 8 unique Towns all made by the owner and battle each gym leader to get to the elite 4 and gain the master rank.

Here is the servers IP Adress: PlayRed.ZanixServers.Com

To Join The Server You Will Need:

Make Sure Minecraft is closed before you install these mods.

The Latest Version of Forge Mod Loader Link - Download the installer, Double click the Jar File and install the client version.

The Latest Pixelmon Mod Link - If you need a tutorial to help you install the Pixelmon mod it can be found here - | HIDE Download the Pixelmon mod and save it on your desktop. Next go to your Start menu and type in the search bar %appdata% and click on the roaming folder. Open the .minecraft folder and extract the folders from the Pixelmon mod into the .minecraft folder. Run Minecraft with forge and check to see if it is running Pixelmon.

If You Need Any Further Help Installing These Mods Message Me On Our Website And I will Get To You As Soon As Possible - ~TheMightyKamina


This Server was made so pokemon and minecraft fans can come together to play and compete against eachother to either hang out with other players or to Become The Best! The Server is a massive world created by me to make sure there is so much to explore and discover. There are 8 gyms to battle against to prove you are a great pokemon trainer. After a player has defeated all 8 Gym Leaders they can then access the Elite 4 and if they are good enough to defeat the Elite 4 they will get the [M] Rank Next to their name to prove they are a pokemon master.

The Server map is not yet fully complete but is being built at an alarming rate. So you won't have to wait long to enjoy new features that will be added to the server.

We have installed Factions on the server so you can make a group for your friends to join and have a protected area to build in. Only Faction members will be able to break anything inside the Faction zone. We also use LWC so you can lock your chests and doors. If you want them to be shared you can use /cmodify and it will allow your friends to access your chests or doors.

We Run some events every week. These events will be related to the story that has been added to the server. If you are interested in finding out more about the severs story line take a look here -

We want the players on the server to have the best experience possible so we have made a major upgrade for our server to make it run with the least amount of lag possible. The server can easily hold 250 Players and is running with 32Gb of ram. This can be upgraded in the future if it needs to.


The Aura Region is made up of 8 main towns that you will come across in your adventure. Each of these towns have 1 gym in them. The Gyms will become harder as you go along on your adventure and will have different types of pokemon aswell. The Themes of the towns will depend on what type of gym is in the town. For example, the grass type gym is in a jungle and the poison type gym is in a swamp biome. The towns are build around the the landscape to make sure that they are not just on a flat piece of land. There will be some towns/buildings that are not part of the main 8 towns you will come across. In these towns there will be events or quests. Maybe a place where you can find rare pokemon or items!


In the Aura Region there are 8 Gyms. The purpose of these gyms is for you to collect the badges to qualify for the elite 4 and become a Pokemon master. Here are the Gym Types and the level caps.

Gym No|Type |Level Cap

Gym 1 - Rock 25 Gym 2 - Water 35 Gym 3 - Electric 45 Gym 4 - Grass 55 Gym 5 - Poison 65 Gym 6 - Physic 70 Gym 7 - Fire 75 Gym 8 - Mixed 80


We are in need of Gym Leaders, Moderators and Forum Moderators At The Moment. If you would like to apply click any of the links bellow.

Website -

Gym Leader Application Layout - ... der-layout

Moderator Application Layout - ... app-format

Thats all for now so thank you for looking and I hope too see you on the server.

One more thing, If you want to make a youtube video or series on the server feel free to. Please send me a link though so I can take a look.

IP - PlayRed.ZanixServers.Com

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