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Almost PERFECT IV starters for a limited time only!

Welcome to Eternia
Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3 (adds over 250 new Pokemon!)
This version of pixelmon runs on MINECRAFT 1.12.2!
Having issues downloading the mod, or getting on the server? Join our discord:

                     What do we offer?

Eternia was founded for one simple reason: to provide players with the ultimate Pixelmon experience. We achieved this by sparing no expense in developing our custom features. Currently we have:

Custom Enchantments
Skill Levels
Insane spawn rates
Weekly Tournaments
Particle effects
6 Pixelmon Minigames (Crane Game, Hit N Miss, Safari, Super Smash Pixelmon, Hide N Seek, & Showdown)

                     Server Information!

IP Address:

                     How do I download Pixelmon?

Technic (recommended):
Direct Download:

Very easy to play with a good vommunity
Posted 10th Feb 2019
Great server and amazing staff. I have had a lot of fun on this server and it has something for everyone.
Posted 10th Jan 2019
I lost my pokemon team that I had been work on seen I joined the server because I put them in a gym and the server restarted and the mods on the server won't do anything cause I didn't screenshot my team I'm sorry I wasn't expecting my pokemon to just disappear so in other words mod staff=shit
Posted 24th Nov 2018
This is a really fun server, and the staff are kind and helpful. There are often giveaways on the discord, and the free /pokeheal really helps a lot. Thanks, Eternia!
Posted 14th Aug 2018