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grade flare

Welcome to Eternia!!

Our server uses the latest Pixelmon Reforged, on Minecraft 1.12.2!

                     What do we offer?

Eternia was founded for one simple reason: to provide players with the ultimate Pixelmon experience.
We've achieved this by sparing no expense in developing our custom features.
Currently we have:
▶ A top quality SINNOH adventure server
▶ Clans
▶ Custom Enchantments
▶ Skill Levels
▶ Gyms
▶ Events almost hosted daily including tournaments, drop parties, and more
▶ Custom pokemon spawner. We have developed a custom spawner to guarantee that all players have pokemon around them at all times.
▶ Weekly Tournaments
▶ Disguises of all Pokemon
▶ Mounts of all Pokemon
▶ Particle effects for both Players and Pokemon
▶ Pixelmon Minigames; Crane Game, Hit N Miss, Safari, Super Smash Pixelmon, & Safari

                     Server Information!

To join our server, using either our custom Technic pack, or with the original Pixelmon, use our server's IP.
Server IP Address:
For other information, visit our website.
Server's Website:


▷ Do yo have a discord
Yes and it has a very active commuity!
Discord Invite:

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