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Eternia | Pixelmon Reforged


Welcome to Eternia!!

Our server uses the latest Pixelmon Reforged, on Minecraft 1.12.2!

                     What do we offer?

Eternia was founded for one simple reason: to provide players with the ultimate Pixelmon experience.
We've achieved this by sparing no expense in developing our custom features.
Currently we have:
▶ Custom Terrain (400+ biome variations all in vanilla)
▶ 100s of custom structures
▶ Very balanced economy
▶ A top quality SINNOH adventure server
▶ Clans
▶ Custom Enchantments
▶ Skill Levels
▶ Gyms
▶ Events almost hosted daily including tournaments, drop parties, and more
▶ Custom pokemon spawner. We have developed a custom spawner to guarantee that all players have pokemon around them at all times.
▶ Weekly Tournaments
▶ Disguises of all Pokemon
▶ Mounts of all Pokemon
▶ Particle effects for both Players and Pokemon
▶ Pixelmon Minigames; Crane Game, Hit N Miss, Safari, Super Smash Pixelmon, & Safari

                     Server Information!

To join our server, using either our custom Technic pack, the twitch pack below, or with the original Pixelmon, use our server's IP.
Server IP Address:
For other information, visit our website.
Server's Website:
Twitch modpack:


▷ Do yo have a discord
Yes and it has a very active commuity!
Discord Invite:

it has a great comunity with breeders selling battle ready and battle perfect all the time and has custome enchants which is nice
Posted 27th Jan 2021
Genuinely nice server. The map is made up of custom biomes, which is very refreshing. The thing I wish there was more of, would be player interaction. Overall, I'd give it an 8/10
Posted 15th Oct 2020
Best pixelmon server out there, offers the best gameplay with a very good economy with extremely nice and helpful players/support team. They often do events and you get free /pokeheal and you can fight bosses to easily level up with their bosstower
Posted 30th Jul 2020
Great place man.

Not alot of lag, decent people, easy to understand and get into, it's a good place to start playing pixelmon.
Posted 23rd Jul 2020
This server is hella lit. If you want to play, and you like an engaging multiplayer pokemon experience, this is your best bet imo.
Posted 14th Jun 2020
joined srver n i was really lagging and no one helped to reduce the lag maybe aws my launcher but after on other server was no lagy
Posted 22nd May 2020
This server is really good and I love the community the only thing I think is that some of the prices are a bit unreasonable e.g. 16 money for an ultra ball is much too cheap in my opinion, otherwise an amazing server.
Posted 20th May 2020
well good server, regular events, regular updates. Minimal lag depending on your area and very healthy & active community
Posted 12th May 2020
Got muteded for 24hours and jailed for 2 days by trash staff because his friend said to do it because he was a idiot. Staff on this server = toxic abusers.
Posted 27th Apr 2020
really good quality server and is balanced
Posted 13th Apr 2020
Server claims to be lag free, which it is not. Very glitchy and buggy at times (items in inventory disappearing, not receiving items, etc)
Posted 26th Mar 2020
Fun server and not toxic and fast service and good staff
and if there is no staffs online the people playing on the server will help you
Posted 24th Mar 2020
a great server, full of fun people and things to do!
Posted 22nd Mar 2020
great server it's nice not having pokeheal stuck behind a $50 paywall nice community staff team is helpful
Posted 17th Mar 2020
Great staff, nice friendly community. The builds are really cool and very similar to the game experience. The storyline follows the game and is very fun to play! Adds a lot to pixelmon itself.
Posted 17th Mar 2020
The Adventure server is unique and is built extremely well, it gives nostalgic vibes playing on there, wish there was more to do. The survival server is also fun with regular drop parties and tourneys, keeping it fresh and new each week, by hosting different tourneys each week. The staff here are great i find that they help keep the server in check.
Posted 16th Mar 2020
Anything with DUNSPARCE!!!!! is amazing.
Posted 16th Mar 2020
they are bad, i asked one question and they got angry / annoyed for no reason
Posted 13th Nov 2019
Very easy to play with a good vommunity
Posted 10th Feb 2019
Great server and amazing staff. I have had a lot of fun on this server and it has something for everyone.
Posted 10th Jan 2019
I lost my pokemon team that I had been work on seen I joined the server because I put them in a gym and the server restarted and the mods on the server won't do anything cause I didn't screenshot my team I'm sorry I wasn't expecting my pokemon to just disappear so in other words mod staff=shit
Posted 24th Nov 2018
This is a really fun server, and the staff are kind and helpful. There are often giveaways on the discord, and the free /pokeheal really helps a lot. Thanks, Eternia!
Posted 14th Aug 2018