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Welcome to PokeWorlds! This is a new interactive survival pixelmon server with many unique different adventures! For example:
-Player-Operated Gyms!
-Breeding and Flying Enabled!
-Shiny Starters (who doesn't like shiny)
-Plentiful donation store (30% sale right now!)
-Elite 4 and Champion

These are just tiny hints of the amazing experience we have made for you here at PokeWorlds! We are also very anxious to add staff and others to our server team so come on and apply! We also have a website with forums, stores, and more! We really hope you can come by and stay awhile! We're planning on giving away a bunch to celebrate the Grand Opening! So come out and join the wonderful world of Poke(Worlds) Mon! See you on the server!

-Owner, Robbie.

Not Friend Staff
Not Event
Gyms Bad Arena Not Rules
Staff Give not reason Mute bans

not play in This Serber
Posted 10th Sep 2016
Great Server that is really underestimated! Come out and give this server a try. Great staff and awesome features + plugins!
Posted 13th Aug 2016