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FearlessPixelmon Survival-PlotWorld-Adventure


Here a FearlessPixelmon, we have an adventure type Pixelmon server! We even have a Survival World, Plot World, and even Mini Games for you to have fun with instead of just the adventure! We have friendly staff, and our gyms are also special! Our gyms consist of 2 different type of challenges. You have your tester gym which is fairly easier for new players, and your challenger gym which is for the more experienced player. Every new player that joins our server gets a SHINY starter pokemon! We have an OU battling arena that we use for tournaments that are hosted for competitive battling. We also have many contests and challenges throughout the months that everyone can enjoy! Please join us as we grow to a commnuity together!

3.5.1 Pixelmon, no extra mods!
Server tour: By: Proxence (FearlessYoutuber)
Weekly drop parties every Saturday 12:30 PM EST.
Come and join us! Server IP:

When I first joined FearlessPixelmon, I was amazed with what I saw. Stumbling to find a good Pixelmon server, I happen to find this one and get greeted by 20 welcomes when I first join. It makes me feel part of the community and shows how respectful staff and other players are on this server. I can also definitely tell the owner put a lot of effort on developing this server because the unique buildings like spawn and the special events such as the amazing weekly DPs make it friendly for all ages. Whenever I was confused or had trouble getting used to Pixelmon, the staff was always there to resolve my problems and wanted me to have a good time here. I just want to say that FearlessPixelmon may not be so well known but what happens on the server every day is special compared to every other basic Pixelmon server there is and allows it to stand out in front of others as the best.
Posted 4th Nov 2016
This server has a wonderful community of players and staff that make you feel welcome. You can find fun in the adventure, survival, or plot worlds, and psst psst i hear there is much more to come. ^w^
Posted 30th Oct 2016
Great server! Everything is organized, staff are respectful!
Posted 30th Oct 2016
It's a great community that wants to help you have a good time!
Posted 27th Oct 2016