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Pixelmon RPG

Pixelmon RPG/Survival Map


Pixelmon Carbon is something I have always dreamed of making into a reality. Pokemon is about going through a game world route by route, gym by gym and catching all the pokemon along the way to become the best. I believe a Pixelmon server should be that and more!

We have a RPG map with all these features including Quests, Dungeons, Raids and more! We also have a Survival Map attached to this simply in a different dimension. So yes everything is sync'd.

By splitting the RPG Map, and the Survival Map this allows for easy updates in the future, and helps prevent a good amount of issues.

Custom Furniture, Quests, 8 Gyms, Elite 4, Battle Towers, Player Level, Teams, Custom Spawns, Custom Economy, Restrictions based on Gyms completed.

Our Online Shop is Anti P2W, We will sell Cosmetics such as Hats, Colored Ingame Names, things that will make you stand out among others.

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