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Pixelmon Role Playing Survival

Pixelmon Role Playing Survival


Rewards :
Rewards can be obtained many ways on the server keep up to date with them via the Website
Loot , Lucky , Great , Super , Ultra , Master , Legend and shiny crates have awesome random rewards in them . PokeStops scattered through the world in points of Interest when claimed by right clicking sign can reward you with prizes , plus Daily Kits have some cool rewards you can sell via GTS or keep to use yourself .

In-Game Jobs :
Starting on the server you are unemployed typing the command /job set farmer will begin you on your journey in the labour lifestyle of the server as a Farmer earning you $20 every 5mins on the server , completing assigned jobs earning you in-game money and exp. you will rank up the ranks to Warrior where you will potentially earn $100 every 5mins on the server .
Note : View Website for updates .. Ranks Builder and Alchemist still to add :)

Poke Trivia :
Test your Pokemon knowledge with the servers Poke Quiz , Every few minutes questions regarding pokemon of the pokemon world will be asked get you fingers ready be first to answer for scarce but available rewards ..

PokeHunt :
Also on the server certain Pokemon will be available to /hunt check them out by capturing a pokemon listed with the natures asked the pokemon will gain a great IV boost when caught and you will be rewarded with extra prizes and cash ..

With many more in-game games and a newly built Server I welcome you to POKEMANIA !!!

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