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MangoMon Pixelmon

MangoMon Pixelmon


At MangoMon Pixelmon we strive to be the best we possibly can be with the resources we have to hand - sometimes this requires us to get very creative with how we want to do things.

We have a very calm, friendly and helpful community that will make you feel right at home!

Some of the features the server has available: Player and NPC gyms, Custom Textures and Models, GTS, Skills and Battlepass, Texture Tokens, Bingo, ChatGames, VoteShop, Auras, "Craftable" pokemon through the use of Shards, PokeJobs, Daily log in rewards and Quests, Legend/Shiny Trackers, Lures (Similar to Pixelmon ones), Player Vaults, Crates and more being added all the time!

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