This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as InfinityMC [Pixelmon Reforged] [6.2.3][Events].
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-+={InfinityMC}=+- Pixelmon 3.4 Custom Plugins, GY


We're a survival pixelmon server with a lot of unique features other servers dont have, we have custom plugins to make your experience the best as possible! Our staff is not corrupted and our community is growing fast!

Server ip:

3.4 Pixelmon Modpack link:

Plugins And server features:
[1] MCmmo
[2] Factions
[3] Grief prevention
[4] Custom pixelmon plugins!
[5] No boring NPC gym leaders, Our gym fights are actually challenging
[6] Best voting rewards any other pixelmon server has Guaranteed!
[7] Best daily kit any other pixelmon server has
[8] Big community
[9] Point shops
[10] Pixel Crate Drops

[1] 128gb ram
[2] 2x 160gb ssd
[3] 2x2tb HDD
[4] 1Gbps

We have legendary spawns enabled, when a legendary spawns you will see it in chat, shrines are enabled and clonning machines, unlike every other server out there we do not force you to donate to get legendaries shinys and masterballs, we have tokens you can buy with in game money that allows you to change gender growth and natures of your pokemon, we also offer move tutoring and shiny convertions, everything available with in game currency.

We do tournaments and weekly events our community is if not the best 1 of the best by far, we're friendly and helpful if you have a question dont be afraid to ask, it will be answered!

also poke radar is allowed so dont be afraid to use it!

Trainers have access to.
/evs Shows your pokemon evs, perfect for ev training
/ivs Shows your pokemon ivs.
/catchrate shows the catch rate of that pokemon
/movelist shows the moves he can learn and at what levels.
/tms Shows the tms a pokemon can learn.
/endbattle Ends the battle without glitching the pokemon.
/wondertrade Wonder trade: adds a pokemon to the wondertrade.
/travel Open the quick warp menu
/shop Open the server shop
/sethome (you can set 2 homes and do /home bed) giving you 3 homes
/bp (opens your backpack)
Keep inventory is on

Gym leaders elites and weekly tournaments!
Drop parties and every month we do a shiny event!

Server rules
[1] Use common sense
[2] Be ethical
[3] No spamming on the server
[4] No caps lock in chat
[5] No advertising other servers
[6] No scamming in any way
[7] No cheating {including xray duping etc}
[8] No griefing/raiding
[9] Do not build close to someones home unless they give you permission
[10] No sexism
[11] No racism

You can not apply for Champion as you need to earn it!

Servidor Muito Bom, Gostei Muito.
Posted 7th Jan 2017
Staff were rude to me and would not help me register.
Posted 15th Oct 2016
buenismo excelente encantado
Posted 8th Jul 2016