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Omega Pixelmon

Omega Pixelmon

Omega Pixelmon

The first honest to Pokémon 4.2.7 Pixelmon server.
Omega Pixelmon Spawn

Omega Pixelmon Spawn

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Join today!

Psychic Gym

Psychic Gym

<b>Join Omega Pixelmon!</b>

Enjoy the best Pixelmon experience possible, as we strive to keep the feel of the original game by adding in nifty features such as double jumping, no damage, a neat, balanced, economy, gyms and a fun Elite 4, an amazing spawn, and more!


The only mod you need to join the server is Pixelmon (version 4.2.7).

Correct Ip gets put in, yet, CAN'T..... RESOLVE..... HOST NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 18th Jun 2019
I type in the correct ip and I still can't join the server. I want to know what is wrong. So if you can pls help me.
Posted 10th Sep 2016
Before I start, I'd like to say I have a ton of time on this server and I've also donated quite a bit. So, if anything, I'm biased towards this server.

I will open with the reason this isn't a 1-star review. The community on this server is stellar. It's the reason I spent so much time on this over the summer. the plugins and configuration take away a lot of the minecraft boringness that we're all familiar with, and instead gives it a much more faithful feel.

The good stuff stops there. This server is, by far, the most poorly-managed server I've ever played on. The owner is never on, one of the mods sucks, one is never on, and one is actually kind of okay. A single, kind of okay mod is all this server has going for it. Initially, there was only the bad mod and the inactive mod, until I messaged the owner on discord a huge wall of text telling him everything wrong with his server. In response to this message, which urged him to tighten up rules, remove the bad mod, appoint an admin, and to trust his players, he appointed one new mod. Whom he had known for quite some time.

Allow me to convey just how crucial it is that this server get an admin. With fair regularity, people will lose their pokemon. This is caused by logging out while the pokemon is sent out. It's no big deal, not the owner's fault. Except it's like pulling teeth trying to get him to fix it. This man only logs on for two hours during the weekend. When he is online, if he is bombarded with requests, he will leave. "brb" then gone until next week. He says he is busy with his job at google, that he's working on his third server, and that all is understandable. However, as head admin of a different server network, I know firsthand what owners do if they are too busy to run their server effectively. They appoint an admin. But this man cannot bring himself to trust his players. The people that have spent their money as well as days of their time on his server.

And speaking of his player's donation money, Omega Pixelmon has received $278.50 in the last month as i write this. Out of a goal of 150$ a month. Despite far exceeding and nearly doubling the goal that could not possibly be what he pays for his server, the server lags to unplayability every hour. Every HOUR. Unfortunately, restarts only take place every two hours, which was adequate two weeks ago. A 35 slot server with an abysmal sum of ram Does not cost 150 a month. If it was even 40 a month I'd be shocked at the sheer scale of rip-off. But here he is with nearly $300 in player donations. I'm not about to accuse him of pocketing donations, but at best this guy doesn't have a clue what to do with money.

Also, whatever the case may be, if he fixes this all or not, I won't remove this review. Just to prove how difficult it is to get this man to do anything. If you find yourself in need of staff help any more than once a week, avoid this place like the plague.
Posted 10th Aug 2016
Sincere review right here.
The community is great, not going to lie. Had a fun time with everyone (Except for some retarded f***s).
The moderators are pretty good with everyone, they do their job properly.
The server itself has "a lot" of stuff, evs training, breeding enabled, nice claim system, profitable votes, etc.

Now, the downsides?
Restarts: The restarts are every 2 hours, that's fine until it's your first time playing, you build your house and it's gone because of the rollbacks with each restart. I basically right now lost coal I mined 3 hours ago just by putting it in a mechanical anvil.
Stores: Some stores are broken.
Lag: The server lags pretty badly after the first hour of restart. Have to admit, don't open up 2 servers if you're going to keep one or both like s**t, keep only one and try to administrate it. If you feel the server is good enough already with qualified moderators, leave it alone and go ahead, open up another server IF YOU CAN hold it without any lag (Or at least the lowest lag possible). The lagspikes are horrible sometimes.
Donations: Okay, donations are expensive as fuck. Well, it's your decision to donate or not, but still. The VIP is $20USD. Almost the price of the game itself. It gives you a weekly kit with a mix of Pokeballs and RareCandies, the possibility to use /pokeheal and nicknames to yourself.
MVP is $40USD. 40. You can buy the game itself with that money and still have some money to buy, I don't know... Doritos and Mtn Dew. This kit gives you the same as the VIP with addition to the /pc command and the kit includes a masterball! You can also change the color of your Pokémon's name. Now, before you say "I need to pay $20/$40USD monthly?" No, it's a one-pay lifetime membership, although would prefer a monthly membership.
You can also buy Masterballs (For the modest price of $3USD each, $25USD for 10.) or buy Pokémon (Any Pokémon, legendary or not) and Pokémon editors (IVs, Shiny, Level, Size).

Not sure about this one, but still adding it: You usually get stuck in battle when you level up against a NPC trainer. Since we got no self /endbattle command we need either to relog or ask a moderator (if available) to do it for us.

Now, if you want to play in this server: Be sure to have a good sense of humour but know your limits! Do your stuff, just follow the rules and keep calm.
Just keep in mind, you will often get your stuff rollbacked with each restart, lag is going to hit you badly and if you want to ev train your Pokemon, make sure to not accidentally train defense evs on it, since you can't buy berries for it and apparently the only one who can fix this is the administrator, Omega.
Now, if you've read all the way though this I would like to thank you for taking your time on this review. I apologize for any grammar/syntax mistakes, as English isn't my native language.
I just want to let you know that I rate the server itself (Not the community, excepting staff members) a straight 5/10. I played for a time, but not worth losing my time if everything I am going to do is gone because of the Rollbacks.
For now, I'm done with my review and if you've come here without reading all, no TL;DR for you.

5/10, Final score. --KevElNoob.
Posted 6th Aug 2016
The staff are polite, and helpful. The owner may not be the best, but he is active, and is working on improving the server.
Posted 7th Jul 2016