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MegaPixel Network

MegaPixel Network


MegaPixel Network.

  • Adventure
  • Pixelmon Reborn ModPack
  • Sruvival
  • Teams
  • Breeding
  • Legendary Spawns Fast
  • Boss Spawns Fast

Join en play en the Crate's are coming soon!
We need some staff!
And we have some nice kits!

Nice server so far, though lacking perms in spawn, can't use the kits though I can do /kits, and no /rules. Aside from that, if you see me on there (TeamAquaLeader or InsanityShard) message me, I have a lot of the sidemods, including Pixel Extras and WonderTrade! I also have been keeping a heavy eye on the Reborn Mod- Look out in future updates, the creator is getting very protective of it...
Posted 11th Aug 2017
it is a great server nice staff
Posted 10th Aug 2017