This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pixelmon RoseRed


You may crash when you first enter the server, we are aware of this. Just
click "Play" again and re-join the server and you will be fine!

Server IP:

And Welcome to Pixelmon RoseRed, the CRACKED Pixelmon Server where the
weak become strong, the strong become stronger, and the stronger become

Join us on our Website!

We're a newborn Pixelmon server as of 10.11.2013 that allows ALL players!

Here's a little list of perks about Pixelmon RoseRed:
~Pokemon Mounting is allowed!
~Pixelmon RoseRed is on a dedicated host and is 24/7
~There is little to ZERO lag.
~We accept ALL players!
~You can rank up in the game WITHOUT donating! (Donation ranks are implemented, but not required)
~We have economy and support player-made shops!
~We have GriefPrevention! So you don't have to worry about being griefed!
~The server is FREE-BUILD so you can build wherever! Just remember to claim your land!
~We have WEEKLY Drop Parties!
~We have MONTHLY Rare-Pokemon Giveaways(Including Rayquazza, Mewtwo, and more!)
~KeepInventory is ON.

Pixelmon RoseRed is currently looking for Gym Leaders!

~When you first join the server, you will be prompted to register, do so like this:
/Register ~When you spawn on the server, you should begin with a starter kit, if you do not recieve your starter kit, do this:
/Kit Starter~When you spawn on the server, you will be in the middle of the ocean, you can go to the wilderness like this:
/Warp Wilderness OR Use one of the [Warp] signs around spawn~Your can claim your land like this:
Use the golden spade given to you by the starter kit and right click your desired corners!

Pixelmon RoseRed
image of pokemon being implemented into a world where pokemon roam the
free makes the perfect depiction of survival in Minecraft. Now take that
image and make it a reality. Pixelmon RoseRed gives players the freedom
of living in a player-built world with the powers of pokemon. Collect
them all and fight your way through gyms to earn yourself the title of

We are a fun and loving community massed of both Cracked and Premium users.

RoseRed; a sanctuary to other players that there is a place that they
can enjoy themselves, a place without discrimination, where it doesn't
matter if you're white or black, skinny or fat, tall or short. A place
where everyone shares common interests, and though there may be issues
in the real world, there's always a place where you can go to, and shed
your inner thoughts and be who you really are. Because your skin, bones,
and muscle are just an outer wall, the wrappings to the true present,

This leaves the question: Will YOU become the next champion of Pixelmon RoseRed?
Additional Notes
RoseRed is a server created for those who love the image of Pokemon in
Survival Minecraft. ~We are a fun and loving community massed of both
Cracked and Premium users~

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