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Pixelmon server 5.0.4 / Minecraft 1.10.2

Join us on the PixelSky network with many custom features including an epic
quest system! Follow the main quest and do your daily quests to reach higher
quest level with custom rewards and titles!

  • Quest and daily quest system
  • PixelmonDungeons system
  • Automatic tournament system
  • Custom terrain
  • Keep inventory
  • Travel with the flight master
  • Custom starter pokemon system
  • Shiny starter
  • Custom pokemon size
  • Online 24/7
  • Build your own city with our custom plugin
  • Frequent events (tournaments, drop parties, treasure hunts, etc.)
  • Auction your pokemon
  • Amazing staff members
  • Lots of other custom features coming soon!

A quality, dedicated server - 32gb Ram, Intel Xeon E3 CPU, 3x 120Go SSD

Unique and awesome pixelmon server.
We hope to see you online soon!

Really good server! Great staff, lots of fun. Players are really nice, competitive but over all really fun to hang out with. Lots of adventure, the owner's a really cool dude, helps out as much as he can! Join Pixelsky!!!! :D
Posted 14th Apr 2017
Overall for a starting server I think its great its got a fun questing system it has cool sorta cut scene sorta things. The owner was very nice cool dude now I haven't played as much yet but I feel like it was great for what I saw so far i have plenty more to discover and I bet i'm gonna love what i find about this server as it grows And I do hope more do join this wonder full server -DragonKing100
Posted 1st Mar 2017