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Cloud Pixelmon is a new 3.5 pixelmon server that has many new features and is looking to become the best 3.5 server there is. Even now CloudPixelmon isnt like the other server we have tried to make cloudPixelmon a more competitive to make that happen We introduced Real money prizepools for our tournaments If u win a tournament u can make a bit of money We also plan on introducing even more ways to make money for example a ranking system and the highest ranking player will win a money but first we
need the server to grow so i hope you can join an help us grow

Npc gymleaders
Player Elite4
Daily events
Nice Community
Making real money

1.First the winner of the tournament didn't use any legendaries... The winner was Glicore and his team is
Golem So do u see legendaries? How is that pay to win? Explain?
2. Kyogre and Groudon were never banned so idk why you have to lie about this. You can check the previous tourny if u want. If it was pay to win all legendaries would have been allowed.
3. Wheather isn't a uber move. You can google them.
4. For the name change I agree it will be in the rules
to not change the original name of the pokemon.
5. If we didn't know what we are doing we wouldn't have a good player base.
6. Owners can't always reply and see everything. A lot of people chat, and sometimes it gets lost in the chat.
7. Learn how to play the game and stop whining ;)!
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
I am here to review this server called Cloud Pixelmon. At first glance it's an alright server, the community is decent. I spent 2 weeks training a team for a tournament they were having, only to find out that at the last minute they unbanned Groudon and Kyogre, and banned Mew (which is not that good) and Blissey (one of the only Kyogre counters in pixelmon). I was dumbfounded by this decision, especially because most 1.7.10 servers have weather banned (due to the infinite switching glitches). Apparently on this server, if you don't have a glitched out move like Stealth Rock or a glitched ability like Sandstorm, your team will instantly die. For example, I was having a semi-final tournament match, when suddenly my game glitches and my pokemon is instantly switched and dies immidiately. Of course, I told the owner about this, and he didn't care. Just moved on with the tournament and kept ignoring me, rather than issuing a repeat or looking into the error. This, however, was not the only bad thing I found during the tournament I spent 72 hours preparing for. You know how most servers don't allow nicknames during tournaments? Yeah, well this one does. Their tournament arena is so small with huge podiums blocking your view so you can already barely see your opponent's pokemon, but your pokemon can be nicknamed whatever you want which will absolutely hurt you in the long run. A battle there is like playing a game of guess who, which is not what I intend to do when battling.

Overall it was a bad experience. Their whole system is catered to paying players and is the epitomy of pay-to-win, the staff are very obnoxious and very inexperienced. Not to mention their whole staff team consists of like 3 people who barely know what they are doing. The community is also very tightly-knit, meaning they are kinda rude to everyone that isn't friends with the owners. I sometimes need help when playing, and I would ask them nicely on where I could find a pokemon, or where the EV room is, and stuff like they, and they would just ignore me or smart off to me.

If you want to join and see for yourself, then by all means do it. Just looking at their chat formatting will tell you what kind of server they are.

To summarize my time on the server, it was a complete waste of my time and I would never do it again. To be honest, there are 15 other servers I would recommend over this if you are looking for good battles. In fact, the battling aspect of this community is so broken, that they might as well just give the tournaments to donators on a silver platter.

I give them half of a star, would never play again while they have their current staff team. If you are looking for a competitive server, just type in "competitive pixelmon" on Google and you will find much better servers.
Posted 1st Oct 2016