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Unova Legends Cobblemon

Unova Legends Cobblemon

Our new remodel hub be out soon

Our new remodel hub be out soon

Unova Legends hub be out soon

Unova Legends hub be out soon

Safari will be out soon

Safari will be out soon

Unova Legends Presents:

Plasma Cobblemon is a brand new server, come try out a new adventure where evil Pokemon teams finally take over regions. You can build a home and are protected with grief prevention. Take down team plasma collect all the badges and become the new supreme of the region!

Server Features:
Added New Custom Generation (Gen A)
Space-Time Distortions (They are hostile like Legends Arceus)
Shiny Hunting and Combos
Pokémon Raids
Breeding Ranch
Season Changing (Releasing June 29, 2004)
2,244 building and decoration pieces (Releasing June 29, 2004)
134 plus foods (Releasing June 29, 2004)
New crops (Releasing June 29, 2004)
31 Pokémon Themed Armor Sets (Releasing June 29, 2004)
24 new biomes for the end with 480 new Pokémon spawns (Releasing June 29, 2004)
Mega Pokémon
Hostile Pokémon (Your Pokémon help defend you)
Poke Bounties
Free Backpack
Starter Kits
Daily Kits
Pokémon Riding Mounts
Poke Nav
Custom Items
Building Blocks
(RP Like) Player Run Gyms
Server Events
Unova Regional Variants of Known Pokémon's
Poke Jobs
Legendary Pokémon spawn naturally
Custom Biomes in Overworld
Wonder trading
Auction House
Lots of quality life features
And a ton more custom stuff

Everyone of all ages is welcome! We have a ton of stuff planned, and if you want to play with a large community, join us!

How do I join?
Technic: or

Here is a link to our Discord:

Been really enjoying my time on the server, people are all friendly and have been helping me out, since I'm new to minecraft and haven't played pokemon in ages that's been amazing.
Posted 20th Apr 2023
This server is really good 9.5 / 10.
Posted 30th Nov 2018
Great server ,amazing staff 9/10
Posted 24th Nov 2018
This server is really great and could not stop enjoying playing.
Posted 23rd Nov 2018
It is a modded multiplayer server. I liked the community, it felt wholesome and the gameplay was enjoyable. The server has a bunch of opportunities for new players to learn and play with the pixelmon mod.
Posted 21st Nov 2018
I mean, I was the only one online, that''s really the only problem. Otherwise, it's because you can't use /help
Posted 19th Nov 2018
Pretty good server. Awesome staff. 8/10
Posted 10th Nov 2018
Fun server, great community and many fun things to do. Looking forward to playing more on this server.
Posted 23rd Oct 2018
This server is one of the best servers i have ever seen playing minecraft. The players and staff are so nice and polite. Most of the players and staff welcome you back when you get on the server! I like the gyms and how the gym leaders are actually players, I think it is harder like this because the players usually know what they are doing. This is my review on Unova Legends.
Posted 18th Oct 2018
Very pleasant nice server :D
Posted 9th Oct 2018
fun server, players are very polite and helpful, i have plenty of time to myself
Posted 1st Sep 2018
I enjoy how the server has a nice spawn along with player based gyms. The plugins used are nice as well for the server along with the playerbase.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Loving it so far! Enjoying the spawn rates and all the people on here. Its very enjoyable.
Posted 23rd Aug 2018
I like this server because the admins are really great at making people of all ages feel included and accepted. The age range is typically anywhere from 12-22, but everybody gets along with one another regardless. I would be highly likely recommend this server to others in the future :)
Posted 21st Aug 2018
My main problem with the server is just my personal luck, I love the community and I love how everyone will help you in any way shape or form they can. The staff actually take care of the server when it crashes, and the restarts are short.
Posted 18th Aug 2018
One of the best Pixelmon server I've seen in a while!

Super friendly and helpful staff, same goes for the community, the map is great and it's a storybased server which makes it more awesome, the gym leaders are players and you can even apply to be one!

the spawn rate of pixelmons is just perfect, not too low and not too high! they also have a great selection of warp like the Safari, the daycare, the EXP area and the wilderness

it is an AWESOME server and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good time! :D
Posted 10th Aug 2018
Fun and friendly. Best Pixelmon yet! Thanks guys and keep up the hard work.

Posted 10th Aug 2018
I am enjoying how friendly everyone is here! It is easy to start out and fun to look for new pokemon!
Loving the calm and clean atmosphere!
Posted 7th Aug 2018
I think this server is amazing. The community is very friendly and open. Also, I like how the server lets us focus on our pokemon and not hunger or other stuff. the only thing I would like more is if the /gts had more people putting stuff into it.
Posted 7th Aug 2018
This server is so cool, Good and friendly staffers and players.Gym are fantastic and the shiny starters are awesome i hope this server will grow a lot :-)
Posted 6th Aug 2018
This Server is the best pixelmon server with the best community.
Posted 6th Aug 2018
Loveing this server so much cant stop playing it i only just started but im loveing it soooo much

so geting my friends to come
Posted 31st Jul 2018
I really love this server. From the shiny starters to the gym battles, everything about this server is great. Even the community is amazing. I recommend this server to anyone who wants to play quality Pixelmon.
Posted 30th Jul 2018
Username : 456isgamer.
Fantastic server! Can't wait for it to grow and grow! I recommend it to new pixelmon players and players who have played pixelmon for years!!!!
Posted 28th Jul 2018
Great server, friendly staff and players. Real slapper material tbh. super cool community You wouldnt want to miss out on the fun and action on this server.
Posted 22nd Jul 2018