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PixelParty has strived to make the best server possible, with low lag issues(normal for a Bukkit pixelmon server). We want to make your time the best time you would have on any server, so we introduced a couple of custom plugins to our server, first off a completely configurable GUI system that allows you to warp to gym's, Clean fossils, Buy items, Point system. We added a virtual badge system, to make Gym leaders work easier, and our players life easier with out losing those in game badges. We have a Pokemon trading system called Wonder Trade , That which allows you to trade off your weak or bad Pokemon, or may even be a legendary. We have a custom made scoreboard plugin specially made by our Developer. We have Pixel Mon tournaments every week, to see the top competitor on our server, the winner gets a special prize. Our server hosts boss events every 3 days to ensure everyone has stuff, With that brief introduction to our server here are some pictures.

Our Special Shop plugin we have you can open it by doing /Shop

Our Server spawn

Just one of all our Gyms from the Pokemon game FireRed [Recreated]

Our safari Zone on our server, It has Savanna, Jungle, Plains, Taiga, Desert, Ocean

Our cratekey Warp, use cratekeys here


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