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Poketech, owned by the TechGE3Ks, with CEO Turwaithion_ is a server which is meant to bring back memories of your childhood with all that time spent playing Pokemon. In this server you are able to capture "Pixelmon" and become the very best Trainer of them all!

Welcome To Poketech!
After a brief hiatus and new management Poketech is now once again open and ready for new trainers! Will you become the next pokemon superstar?
Explore a world filled with endless pokemon and endless possibilities!
Follow the routes to become the world's best pokemon master!
Take refuge in our cities as you train yourself to overcome the gym leaders or just live a simple life in the distance on your own or with friends!
The world is yours! Your destiny is all in your hands! The paths you choose is up to you!

PokeTech is a pixelmon server run by the techge3ks and managed by PicklesWartooth and Citrusz0rz seen guarding against logdotzip in his “minecraft: PRISON FIGHT! Killing guards” video!

Our server implements the use of scrolls that can be purchased at every town you visit in order to come back to the towns when needed. Our trainer edited NPCs drop sponge which can be sold for $50 and used for currency as well as poke dollars dropping from wild pokemon which you can collect into a poke wallet and then convert to currency at pokemarts.

We are not afraid to have fun and give players some fun challenges that earn them rewards such as pokemon and items with events like challenging mazes’, dig parties, and random legendary pokemon spawning and more. Pokeloot is also strategically placed in varies locations for players to explore and find on there own!

The best part about Poketech is that we combine the best of both worlds! Players are able to stick to towns, live in them and follow the routes or they have the option to relax, explore and create in areas outside of towns and spawn.

The ever working admins are social and enjoy helping players 24/7 when need be. They are constantly looking out and fixing grief, banning griefers, fixing solutions, granting donors their pokemon of choice and overall make sure that poketech is a friendly and fair environment for everyone.

Poketech however, requires additional mods to improve you pixelmon experience! These include a backpack mod AND pokecycles! We aim to bring the old school gameboy/ds feel into minecraft with these addition mods.
Additonal information and links to mods found here on our forums:

Our donor packages are available at where you will find reasonably priced items and donor packages with amazing benefits and items!

Come check out this amazing pixelmon server with friendly staff, towns, gym leaders, the elite four, a custom built spawn, loads of poke centers, amazing builds and best of all, pokemon!!

Our rules are simple:
1: Remember to use common sense!
2: Do not advertise
3: Do not impersonate staff.
4: Do not use foul language (cussing) in chat.
5: Do not excessively spam.
6: Do not raid or hopper players.
7: Do not grief (destroying builds) other players.
8: Do not harass other players.
9: Do not scam other players.
10: Do not build pillars without destroying them afterwards.
11: Do not make a chicken farm.
12: Do not rent/buy more than 2 homes max.
13: Do not Disrespect and argue with admins.

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