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✦ Welcome to the PokeSkies Pixelmon Server!
Running Minecraft 1.12.2 on the latest Pixelmon Generations version

IP Address -

Website -
Discord -
Modpack -

✦ Information about PokeSkies
The PokeSkies Pixelmon Server aims to provide users with the best experience we possibly can. The community is always placed first with taking suggestions which are actually reviewed by the Staff and Owners. We want to see everyone enjoy their Pixelmon Adventure, so enjoy it with us! Join today to see our friendly Staff and lovely community.

✦ Features

  • Adventure and Survival Worlds
  • Events, Tournaments, and Giveaways
  • SHINY Starters
  • 8 NPC Gyms and Player Run Gyms
  • Elite Four and Battle tower
  • PokeBuilder, GTS, and Wondertrade
  • DailyRewards, PokeDex Rewards, and PokeStops
  • Griefprevention and KeepInventory
  • Vote Rewards, Top Voter Rewards, and a Vote Shop
  • and tons more!

Come join us today! Always looking for Builders, Gym Leaders, and Staff!

this game is really cool and fun i just started but i already love it
Posted 16th Aug 2022
nice caht good talking nice good with friend user omaguss
Posted 1st Aug 2022
LogieBear190 Great Server
Posted 25th Jul 2022
I love this server! FuriaBuiah_
Posted 5th Jul 2022
Very fun server, but the random tp cooldown is too long.
Posted 6th Jun 2022
This server is fun and not laggy and easy to get good.

Username is Chiptikx
Posted 12th Mar 2022
very good people great staff team and a great server

Posted 9th Jan 2022
Very good server with good people and it runs well -BadOmriDestroyer
Posted 23rd Dec 2021
great server, very addicting- tuortleh
Posted 8th Dec 2021
good server friendly people
Posted 23rd Nov 2019
I feel the server is pretty great so far

The community is great and reliable, anytime i have a question someone will do the best they can to answer, if people don't need something (for example Zygarde cells) they will call out to everyone so others can tpa to them and achieve the needed item or pokemon.

The admins are nice and quick to action, and if none are on they have a discord where you can chat with them to get them onto the server.

the world is pretty big goes from spawn all the way out to -30000 Z

The game starts you off with some nice stuff, giving the player a few pokeballs, greatballs, ultra balls, an ultra key (used for their free loot crate system) 3 pokekibble which you can get daily and finally when you talk to your in game mother she gives you runner shoes!

The gyms are challenging and lock your pokemon to the gym leaders level, each leader has an ace in the whole to make the battles even harder, making the reward even more satisfying.

The server does lag every once in a while which can get annoying though its manageable and doesn't really get in the way of anything.

The server allows a max of 3 set homes allowing you to make 3 bases or 1 base and 2 landmarks

The server offers pokestops if your willing to explore the spawn giving the player free loot by right clicking the loot, the poke loot can range from tier 1-3

The server offers /tpa /tpahere allowing players to easily teleport to one another as long as the other player accepts the teleport

The server limits how many appricots can be place near each other to prevent lower end computers from lagging and/or crashing

I do need to say legendary pokemon take too long to spawn which makes say getting a rayquaza nearly impossible because of how low his spawn rate is compared to manaphies

The server has a claiming system implemented along with a no griefing policy. You start out with a substantial amount of claim blocks and i think earn more the more you play.

Voting daily will get you a vote key which allows you to open the vote crate.

The servers offers a command called gts which allows users to buy/sell both items and pokemon in order to make more money or get what they need.

the server has a trust command which allows users to easily trust one another to their plots.

The server has minigames pop up in chat like "whos that pokemon" with a description of a random pokemon or "unscramble this pokemon" this minigames allow users to interact with chat to try and earn bonus rewards!

one big negative is that i noticed almost all or even all of the boss towers are claimed along with moon and sun altars though the admins have said they are planning to add moon and sun altars to spawn at some point.

Shops are still being worked on as well though at the moment you can buy nearly everything though selling certain items isn't possible at the moment (for example: stardust, cosmic dust, etc).

Overall the servers pretty fun and i recommend anyone who is trying to find a new pixelmon server to give this one a shot!
If you join because of this review please type /referrals thanks marionett187
Posted 24th Jul 2019
This server is sooo cool, it has an awesome staff team and such cool players to play with :D work totally
check this server out
Posted 25th Jul 2018