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Welcome to Zealanderville!
We are a Pixelmon survival server with a friendly community and wonderful staff. Our goal is simple, to create a friendly environment for hours of endless fun!

If you love Pokemon and hanging out with other players, Zville is the right pace for you!
Join us for a unique Pixelmon survival experience!
-Pokemon Auctions
-Pink Sheep

Stop by and say Hello to our infamous mascot, the pink sheep Q-Tip! Feel free to contact any of our wonderful staff members. They are more then glad to help you get started on your adventure!

Check out our website to get started on your adventure!

We hope to see you there!
Happy Playing,
Q-Tip and the Z-Team!

Zealanderville has very friendly and helpful staff. And they have cool stuff to make them special! I even hear they have cooler stuff to come!
Posted 19th Mar 2017