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TheGoonSquad Pixelmon Dark


The GoonSquad Community

Server Info

Pixelmon Dark - 2.4
Server IP:

You can play by using either the Technic launcher
Or you could use our created Twitch profile

Our Website:

We are TheGoonSquadEU en we have just started this brand new Pixelmon server. Now we need players and that's where you come in, currently we don't have any whitelisting on the servers so just come and join our servers!

We communicate using Discord. Use this link to join our network on Discord:
You can use Discord either by using your browser or by downloading the application.
We recommend you use Discord because this is a communication platform that makes it very easy for players to communicate with the admins on the servers.

We also have an Enjin website that you can join:
On this website we will also post the latest news for our server and keep you up to date.

We hope to see you on our server!



  1. Ingame Currency/Jobs to use in In-Game shops.
  2. Able to create your own PlayerShop
  3. Timed ranks which all have their own extra perks.
  4. Discord server with active admins who you can talk with.
  5. Donation Store if you feel like donating to support our server.
  6. Updates as soon as we can

Extra Info

Rules can be found here: Rules
Ranks can be found here: Ranks

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