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Spectral - Crates! - Level System! + More!


Reforged v7.2.2 -

Our Pixelmon server is packed with custom & exclusive content like:
GTS, WonderTrade, McMMO, Dex Rewards, Custom Currency etc
all this to bring the best possible gaming experience to you, the player.
Staff is ALWAYS ON & there for you for any of your needs!
Currently in beta, but anyone can join!

The spawn looks amazing the Staff are nice and friendly and are willing to help out. They also have these amazing and funny events and they have always been greatly supported by the players. This is a truly wonderful experience for the players who love to have fun and have a bit of a competitive spirit to them. Everyone there is willing to give their time up to help and answer any questions players have but are also able to have a good laugh with them as well. I can honestly say this is one of the best Pixelmon experiences I've had in my life. And I'd like to thank nino and the rest of the staff team for it.
Posted 5th Apr 2020
Poorly managed server with very rude staff, would recommend not playing
Posted 4th Apr 2020