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Embers Rising - Pixelmon Server


This is just a simple survival Pixelmon server that is a lot of fun.
We include the following:

  • Land protection via claims
  • World Border is 30 million blocks out
  • The ability to set homes
  • Shop clerks, Nurses, PCs, and Trade Machines at spawn
  • Battle arena at spawn
  • Operators that listen to what you have to say
  • Fun community
  • Ability to check IVs and EVs (/evs and /ivs)
  • Paid server, so it is up 24/7.
    If this sounds like something you'll be interested in, then go ahead and join!
    Our Discord server:
This server is amazing and has a great Owner
I recommend this to anyone who likes pixelmon
Posted 22nd Jul 2021