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PixelValley|8.1.2|Pixelmon Reforged


|Gyms|Player Elite 4| Champion position winnable for any player| Ivs and Evs|Tournament|Shiny Starter|and much much more.

If you are looking for a place to test your pokemon battle skills, or you are searching for a great and immersive experience - our server is the best place to be.
What we offer:

Epic Tournaments
A challenging Elite 4 with winnable champion position
Boss battle Tower perfect for leveling and providing you with various rewards
Awesome quests
Weekly Events
Custom content
And much more!!! There certainly is something for anyone and we are looking forward to seeing you in game.

good server, I like it very cool
Posted 20th Apr 2021
Server is heavily pay-to-win, although it states in the tags "Not pay-to-win" Also the only review left on the server is from a moderator. Don't waste your time if your looking for a genuine non-p2w server.
Posted 19th Apr 2021